Video clips

Short clips of medieval features (incl. Rouen): all copyright-free
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Photographs of topographical and historical features (England): all copyright-free
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Stubbington medieval records

Account rolls from c.1247 and other items

Loughborough data

Data: churchwardens' accounts; bridgemasters' accounts; parish registers; manorial records etc.

Lichfield wills

Wills database: diocese of Lichfield (to 1546) [.pdf format]

Leicester archdeaconry wills

Wills to 1546 [link inactive]

Introduction to QGIS

[.pdf file]

Research project: early-modern inequality etc

This project is now ended. You can download the book as a .pdf file Microcynicon or request a free copy of the printed book from e-mail: Dave Postles [for distribution to N. America, I require reimbursement for mailing, which will be about £7][Print-run is 100 copies; high-quality paper; perfect binding; laminated cover]

Research project: statutes merchant bonds registered at Nottingham

Research project: London landowners and provincial landownership

Dataset: Rutland lay subsidy, 1296/7

Dataset: Lincolnshire lay subsidy, 1332

Nottinghamshire lay subsidy, 1327 (.pdf)

Introduction to the Notts. lay subsidy, 1327

Miscellaneous medieval Leicestershire documents

REED: Nottinghamshire

I have assumed the production of this volume of the records of early English drama as John Coldewey has other commitments.

More Leics. datasets

Early-modern Blog

For jobs, conferences, cfps and other news about early-modern studies.
This blog is now suspended, because it was developed with Blogspot, now within the Google conglomerate. Google avoids UK corporation tax.
I now blog here.


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Talking ballocs : nicknames and English medieval sociolinguistics

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2000 Years of Urban History

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Leicestershire history

Living in Leicestershire: Historical Essays: I, Medieval (2019)

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