On this map you can click inside the blue circles for information about churches.

Domesday Book enumerated six churches inside the borough of Leicester which probably included St Mary de Castro, St Nicholas, and All Saints.

There are some questions for you to ponder below the map.

What was a minster church?
Why should the events of the 870s have caused the Middle Anglian episcopal see to be moved from Leicester to Dorchester-on-Thames in Oxfordshire?
It used to be speculated that there was a concentration of medieval churches in the north of the borough and that the demise of some of these churches represented a demographic decline - a collapse of population in the late middle ages. What do you think?

Leicester Abbey: some images

Little original and authentic remains of the abbey except for Abbot Penny's wall which encloses the site on the north side; here are three illustrations of that wall, constructed c.1500. The fourth button will reveal the site of the Abbey within Abbey Park in 1888 and the fifth button will illustrate the present site of Abbey Park as an aerial photograph.