New Street: a new inner urban street of the eighteenth century.

On the fringe of the southern boundary of the medieval borough during the eighteenth century developed an enceinte of urban polite architecture, in the area of St Martin's, Peacock Lane, Friar Lane and Millstone Lane, consisting of regulated terraces.

Although these streets were already in existence, a new road was inserted into the plan - New Street - as a connecting thoroughfare, it too comprising regulated urban polite architecture.

The same area in 1741

In this image, looking along New Street to Friar Lane, visible at the change of direction of the road is a large, polite building with a pediment at the roof façade, white band courses at two floor levels, and is two-and-a-half stories high.

Looking towards St Martin's, the house on the corner of New Street and Peacock Lane again extends upwards two-and-a-half stories with two white band courses.