[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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Alan le Taylur3s
John de Casterton9s8d
John Oky3s
John Norman2s8d
Thomas de Thoresby2s
John Sparou2s
Geoffrey filius Johannis clerici5s
Willam Capel8d
John Belle2s8d
Ralph Malin1s6d
Robert Lambert8d
Henry le Carpent[er]2s
William de Swaton'8d
William filius Ricardi1s4d
John le Clerk'£1
Robert faber8d
Robert filius Johannis2s
William de Carleby8d
Simon filius Emme3s
Beatrice de Broune4s
Christine de Neuton'1s4d
William Payn2s
Alan Tannator18s
Thomas Prudyng3s
William de Bolby1s3¾d
William Sebrond1s4d
John Elys1s8d
William filius Johannis4s
Baldwin de Blaunkeneye1s
John Cote2s
Thomas de Croyland1s
William de Lifftenholm'3s
Robert Em1s
John de Birthorp'8d
Robert de Spaldyng4s
Matilda filia Johannis2s
William le prouost3s
Henry proudyng1s
Emma Tulbyng2s
Walter Gorge2s
Total £6 8s11¾d

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Dr D.A. Postles

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