[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.28] Thomas de Carby10d
Thomas filius Alani5s2d
Reginald Pekeman1s
William Cart[er]3s2d
John filius Thome1s6d
Thomas spens[er]1s
John Cokston9¼d
Walter Milner9½d
William Joye2s
William Moyne1s
Agnes ad ecclesiam2s6d
Thomas le Wythe3s
Reginald Damet3s
John Oter1s8d
Thomas Ilger10d
Nicholas Aldeyn*1s
Matilda relicta Roberti1s6½d
Geoffrey Hod1s
Thomas Almot1s2½d
Roger filius Hugonis1s
Roger Almot1s
John spilspon10d
John filius Nicholai10d
Nicholas Cok'1s6d
Adam de Carleton'9d
Robert de Dygby snr5s6d
Robert damet1s1½d
Jordan de Geneston'7s3d
Robert de Dygby jnr2s
Nicholas de foston'4s3¼d
Robert filius Roberti1s7d
Total £3 0s5¾d

* An unaspirated form of Anglo-Scand personal name Halfdan.

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