[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy

Dry Dodington and Stocking

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[m.29] Richard attebarnes4s4d
John Waryn1s
Richard atte Welle1s8d
Geoffrey filius Walteri10d
John Rogg[er]1s5d
Alice atte barnes4s2d
Thomas clericus4s4d
Margery Alot1s5d
John filius Roberti4s1½d
William Graunttel4s1d
Amice Gilmyn9d
Richard atte lane3s
Ralph filius Galfridi9d
Alice uxor Radulphi2s
John Belhom1s4d
Sybil filia Johannis1s10d
Henry Rouland'2s4d
William filius Roberti1s
Adam Wigot10d
Amice atte Kyrk'2s
Alice Houlot1s4d
Robert Otham2s2d
Adam Gladewyn2s1d
Geoffrey Bache1s6d
Roger Bargoneys2s
William Bolur1s2d
John parmunter2s
William atte Barnis2s
Walter Hurt1s
William Ward'1s
Henry Brice4s4d
John foder1s
John Hulot2s6d
Matilda fouler2s4d
William Ascelot4s4d
Roger filius Radulphi2s7d
John Aunsel2s4d
William Hardegrey10d
Geoffrey Broun4s
Henry atte lane4s
Amice Adam1s
John Palm[er]4s
William Benchmaler [sic]2s
Total £4 14s7½d

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