[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy

East Laughton

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William le Longge2s
John le Bocher1s
John filius Walteri5s
Robert Sire2s
Robert ad fontem1s3d
John Mox2s
William le Bocher1s
Robert Dousyng8d
Thomas Chaumpeneys2s
William Em1s
Robert clericus3s
Adam le Cu8d
Richard Marays6d
John Helred*6d
Lambert Chyld6d
Adam clericus2s
Thomas carpentar[ius]3s
Roger clericus3s6d
Hugh de Billeffeld1s4d
Total £1 12s11d

* Possibly a hypercorrect form of Elred (insular personal name Ailred).

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Dr D.A. Postles

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