[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy

Great Gonerby and Manthorpe

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[m.15] William Illori3s
William ad finem ville5s6d
Ralph de Sancto laudo2s6d
John filius Galfridi1s
Gilbert filius Willelmi2s3d
Thomas de Eston'1s
Isabel que fuit uxor Liot' Bound'4s
John de Aisscheby3s
Margery de Barneby2s
Robert de Calkewell'1s
John de Metheringham1s
Thomas de Crossholm'2s6d
John Manniel8d
Ralph Mariot1s6d
Ralph Basok1s6d
Ralph filius Roberti2s4d
Ralph filius Johannis de la grene6s
John filius Roberti de la grene6s
Robert filius Johannis1s6d
Helen [Elena] Osbern'1s6d
Robert Wade capellanus1s6d
Alan Brounyng1s6d
Robert de Melton'1s6d
Richard Bryd1s3d
Alan Wade1s6d
Agnes formatrix1s8d
John Clement8d
Roger de Paunton'8d
Total £3 0s0d

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