[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy

Great Hale

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[m.18] Walter Bolleshoure10s
Richard Geuevay5s
Richard le ku2s0¼d
William Chauns2s8d
William Bryan9s
Robert Cokerel5s
John le Warde7s10d
John filius Willelmi9s4d
William de Ainewyk'3s8d
Hugh Bokil'3s9d
Hugh Tayliour2s1d
Alan Geruax3s2d
John filius Nicholai2s8d
John Moryse1s
John Doux4s
Henry de Askeby3s
Marg' Geueuay4s2d
Ralph Irnensyde3s4d
William Howell'4s
Thomas le Gardener2s
Hugh Whetleye10s
Robert Dobell3s
Hugh filius Nicholai4s6d
Robert Gereson6s4d
John Bokil3s
Robert Irnenside2s8d
William Collyng2s10d
Alice Nichol 2s4d
Nicholas de Gorewyk'1s4d
John Pennyng2s4d
William Irnensyd6s4d
Richard Gere2s8d
William atte Brig'3s4d
John Hawyl'2s
Marg' atte Halle3s4d
Laurence Tygow1s
Richard Ingg'1s
William West3s
Edmund filius Petri2s
William Bagge10d
John Collyng1s
Robert filius Willelmi2s8d
William Geuevay2s
Laurence [MS Laur'] [no byname] 3s4d
Richard Wyrlecanne2s
John Wyrlecane1s8d
John Leue2s8d
Thomas le Ward1s6d
Thomas Irnenside1s4d
John le Salter1s4d
William Moryz1s4d
Total £8 12s4¼d

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