[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy

Stamford [Bredecroft]

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[m. 2] De villata de Bradecroft correspondenti eidem [to Stamford]
William Edelin1s6d
Simon le Carter1s4d
Robert Molendar[ius]1s6d
Thomas Molendinar[ius]8d
Joan Per8d
Gilbert de Wirthorp'8d
Thomas de Raule3s
Everard le Wikked 3s
William Flemmyng'1s4d
William de Thirleby1s4d
Richard de Linc'1s4d
Summa totalis decime utriusque villate .xxxj.li.iiij.s.iiij.d. probatum [sic]. [This summa relates to the assessment of a tenth on both Stamford and part of Bradcroft]

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