[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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John Alger8s5d
William Hubert2s10d
Peter Barlyman4s2¼d
Amice Barlyman1s11½d
Lambert Pylet1s3½d
John Leper1s7¾d
John Halyday4s1d
Thomas Morste4s
Ranulph Halleche1s7½d
Roger filius Roberti4s6¼d
John Wyne2s1¾d
William Sholy2s2½d
Thomas Frere5s5¼d
Peter filius Simonis5s3¼d
Robert Elyryche [sic]1s1d
John Haget1s6½d
Robert filius Stephani3s5½d
Simon Haget2s6¾d
John Deynam [sic]12s7d
Ranulph del Grene4s8d
Simon Alleche2s4d
Robert filius Alani2s9¾d
Robert de Kernetby11¼d
William Iue1s11¼d
Juliana Walter10s4d
John Serson2s4d
Richard Palmer1s5¾d
John Marchaunt19s1¼d
William ultra Ripam1s1¾d
Robert faber1s7¼d
Walter Wale1s5d
Simon Mayfay1s1d
Simon Kyt4s
Robert Hack'1s8d
Agnes Bacheler2s9¾d
Richard Swyke3s0½d
Cecily Hack'3s9d
Richard Bond1s9¾d
Robert Wyne8s4¾d
John del Grene2s9¾d
Robert del Houwes1s9d
Hugh Hoky i 2s1¾d
Robert filius Pagani1s1d
Thomas Bacheler2s0½d
Ranulph Walter2s2¾d
Ranulph Syryck'11s2d
Alan de Horblyng'3s6½d
Richard filius Willelmi1s6d
John Crok'1s6d
Robert Pygot1s6d
John Neumarche1s6d
William Moryce5s1½d
Isabel uxor Stephani7s6d
William Broun1s9d
Richard filius Stephani1s5d
Robert Syryk'5s2½d
William Elryke11s6d
Walter Elryche ii 1s9d
Stephen Elryche1s10½d
Thomas Elryche2s8½d
Lecia Elred13s4½d
De Johanne Nepot' vicar' iii2s1d
John Redeware2s9¾d
Thomas filius Stephani3s5¾d
Robert Redeware3s
Ranulph Redeware1s5d
Robert Houweld2s5d
Robert filius Roberti4s1d
Robert Wygan5s9¾d
John Cade6s0½d
Simon Benescroft1s1d
John Heylward iv3s
William Herre3s5d
Henry Brouneyng' [sic]2s1½d
William filius Simonis2s9¼d
John Brounyng1s6d
Ralph Strug'2s5d
John Brantyng'3s9¼d
William Elsy1s4¾d
John Blount4s5½d
Richard filius Hugonis2s10¼d
Richard de Arboribus2s1d
Robert Algar4s11¾d
Richard Derman5s10¾d
Summa totalis xv.li.v.s.iv.d.ob.

i. Hypercorrect form of Oky

ii. These appear to be the different usages of palatal /k/ and /ch/.

iii. The intention of the Latin register is ambiguous.

iv. Hypercorrect form of Eylward.

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