[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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John Semer 6s8d
Richard Deye8s4d
Robert Cryspe10s4¾d
Richard de Styflington'2s8½d
Simon filius Gilberti9s2¼d
Giles filius Hugonis2s1d
Nigel Heyqued4s0¾d
John filius Wydonis6s10d
John Forster2s6d
Laurence filius Radulphi de Flete2s10¼d
Hugh Attegrene2s8d
John de Multon19s11¾d
Agnes Attegrene10s1½d
Thomas faber2s
John filius Walteri3s6½d
Conan Pystor2s
Roger filius Simonis2s
John filius God'i [Godrici or Godfridi?]5s10¼d
Hugelina Cotte3s7¼d
John Attegrene3s7¼d
Roger de Capella6s3¼d
Roger Joye3s4d
William filius Rogeri4s1½d
John Gotheuerd2s8d
Simon Husseband2s8¾d
John Attefendyk'4s2d
Peter Lorsehey2s
Roger filius Galfridi2s1¾d
Joan Nelle2s0¾d
[m.14] William de Tyryngton'2s5¾d
Richard Bercarius2s5d
William Haldyn2s
William Layman1s8d
Thomas Gusse2s
John Cok'2s
William Husbond5s4¾d
Richard Pistor2s2½d
John Tiddesone11s10d
Robert Dragon2s11¼d
Robert filius Rogeri5s4d
Agnes uxor Simonis Joye7s4½d
Roger filius Matill[dis]4s9¾d
Thomas Layman2s
Geoffrey filius Thome1s6½d
Roger Attegrene3s4¾d
Simon de Croil4s5¾d
Richard filius Asceline13s5d
Hugh filius Asceline7s4d
Richard Wylum6s5¼d
John Janggil4s6½d
William Scot1s0¾d
John Deye3s6½d
Roger Husbond5s0½d
John filius Radulphi3s8d
William Ladde4s
Robert Haldeyn5s9¾d
Henry Bercarius2s0¾d
Roger Layman3s2½d
Ralph de Wesingham1s8½d
John Clerk2s8¾d
Robert Cotte4s8d
Robert Tillesone3s1¾d
Roger filius God'i [Godrici or Godfridi?]1s4d
Thomas Houner4s0¾d
Ralph Chaloner1s4d
Helen [Elena] Spark2s
Agnes de Creyk'9s5½d
Ralph Cotte2s8¾d
William Haldeyn2s
John Cotte2s
John Groud1s4d
Geoffrey Crysp1s5d
Richard Cotte1s3¾d
Roger Wlyton'2s1d
Robert de Hawe1s10½d
William Hod8s
William de Gedeney3s
Fulk de Flete2s
William filius Egidii2s
Summa xvj.li.iv.s.viij.d.qua.

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