[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.1] Thomas filius Hugonis1s10d
Alan filius Hugonis1s3d
Matilda que fuit uxor Ricardi filii Ricardi6s
Gilbert Waryn3s5d
Geoffrey Stallewrth2s1d
William Frankys1s8d
Cecily Angin2s
Thomas Geffrey2s8d
Alexander Hussebond2s
Thomas Whyte2s1d
John Curteys1s4d
Thomas Emcyn3s
Nicholas filius Ricardi5s
Thomas Hardepeny2s
Walter filius Willelmi 8d
Robert de Bekyngham1s4d
Richard de Cobeldyck5s8d
William Echard1s
Richard [?]iors1s
John Guff7s
John filius Jacobi Cou[?s]yn4s4d
Robert Henry1s4d
Walter Broun8d
John Gerard1s8d
John de Steriscroft8d
John Arnald2s2d
William Thomeys8d
Thomas filius Roberti8d
John Eylward2s
Henry Brond8d
Hugh Dodeman3s4d
Basilia que fuit uxor Ade Ason1s
Henry de Donyngton8d
Amabilia que fuit uxor Willelmi de Cobeld'£1 0s 4d
Alan ad pontem8d
John Lambert5s8d
Richard Grenedyk1s
Roger Thormund1s
Adam del Grene2s4d
Alan Thormund8d
Alice que fuit uxor Galfridi Angin5s8d
Isabel Raulot1s
Walter filius Willelmi10d
John Gardener'1s
Robert Iueson10d
William del Grene1s
Robert Selth1s4d
Matilda Selth8d
John Greyueson10d
Robert del Park'1s6d
Alan Gubbul2s6d
Joce Selth2s3d
William Arnald3s
Robert Tuck8d
Alan Gezors10d
William filius Willelmi de Cobeldyck4s3d
Robert Cheret2s4d
Isabel Eynald [sic]9d
Alan Ordyng1s
Walter Turpyn2s
Alan Loman8d
William Gery2s
John de Langerak5s
Nicholas Pynder 8d
Thomas Henry1s
Alan Pynder8d
Lambert de Thrykynham18s4d
Richard Angin2s9d
Robert Chamberleyn'2s11d
Richard filius Willelmi8d
Walter Astan9d
Richard Astan8d
Walter Eylward4s11d
Alan le Hyrd2s
Roger Elyot2s8d
Robert Elyot3s
John Broun2s
Thomas Broun1s9d
Walter filius Henrici1s
John filius Cecilie1s
Ralph de Cobeldyk3s4d
John de Cobeldyk4s2d
William Count[e]r8d
Reginald Louelesse9d
Robert Eynald [sic]1s
Robert Arkel1s6d
Walter filius Stephani11d
Robert Tasburn8d
Thomas Turpyn1s6d
John filius Stephani1s4d
Reginald Bishop2s
[m.2] Laurence Hyllary3s
Peter filius Roberti3s
Robert Curzon3s
Thomas filius Alani3s
John Grenedyk'4s
John Lewyn1s4d
William de Wygoto [sic] capellanus3s4d
Summa xv.li.v.s.v.d.

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