[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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To be added
Thomas Partre9s1¾d
Thomas filius Jocei6s2d
Robert Albot5s3d
William faber1s6¼d
William Megge1s6d
Geoffrey Partre1s11½d
God'us [Godricus or Godfridus?] Crumme1s2¾d
Geoffrey Cocus5s0¼d
John filius Fulconis1s1¾d
Geoffrey Jurdon1s10¼d
William Faukys1s6d
Geoffrey Edelyn1s1¾d
John Albot1s10¾d
John Robyn1s10½d
Hubert filius Galfridi Robyn5s9¾d
William filius Fulconis1s3½d
Richard Partre1s6d
John de Claypoll'1s2d
Geoffrey de Gedeney2s5d
John filius Ranulphi2s4½d
Fulk Bakun1s9¾d
Robert Alcous5s11¾d
Thomas Berd1s
Roger Spark1s11½d
Robert filius Willelmi Goddyng2s3½d
Henry Kyng1s9¾d
Thomas de Hardegate2s2½d
Robert Geyt1s3d
Geoffrey Albot1s1d
Fulk Marchaunt1s1½d
William Carpentar[ius]4s11¼d
Ales' [sic] Muriel2s1½d
Simon filius Thome1s11¾d
Thomas de Balkysdyk1s2d
Roger Aldeyn*5s7½d
Fulk Tholy2s0¾d
Richard Dobyn2s
John Neue2s7d
Richard Bertelot8s1d
William de Berne2s
Richard Pystor4s5d
Thomas Hod1s3¼d
Richard filius Thome1s3d
William filius Galfridi7s5d
Alice que fuit uxor Thome3s10¼d
William Brodyng2s1d
Marg' que fuit uxor Rogeri10s3¾d
Simon Gikel2s6¾d
William filius Goddyng'8s3¾d
Simon Cay1s9½d
Agnes que fuit uxor Roberti7s4¾d
Fulk Coddyng' [sic]3s
John filius Ricardi Prepositi5s1½d
Alexander Goddyng5s3d
Richard Dussone+1s8¾d
John Goddyng8s0¼d
William Male4s7½d
William Droury5s8d
John Kyrwelle9s0½d
Geoffrey Mayster4s10d
Richard de Heytoft4s8¾d
Fulk Spens[er]10¾d
Geoffrey Droury10¾d
Thomas Dounisson?9¼d
Robert Rauen11¾d
Fulk Aleyn10d
William filius Galfridi Robyn2s1¾d
Fulk Leuy1s9¼d
Richard Hert10¾d
Joan Coddyng [sic]2s0¾d
Fulk Mabile1s
Joan que fuit uxor Thome2s5¾d
Thomas filius Thome Brodyng2s4¼d
Robert Cloyere1s
Robert Batisneue1s8d
William Norman2s0¾d
Nicholas Hod2s
William Goddyng2s
John Torbeys2s
Summa xiv.li.viij.s.iv.d.qua.

* An unaspirated form of Haldane from the Anglo-Scand personal name Halfdan(e).

+ Probably a form of Douceson, Douce being a hypocoristic female personal name.

The first three entries relate to two domini and one domina; I was not originally interested in taxpayers of such status; the details will be added in due course.

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