[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.2] Lambert Attebrygg6s8d
Hugh Heruy5s9¾d
Roger Soye1s4d
Alice Alger2s8½d
Alan filius Andree4s6¼d
Andrew filius Rogeri10d
John Stallewrth1s6d
Thomas Alger3s5½d
Thomas Elstan1s4d
Catherine Notiua8d
Geoffrey Pyne2s9¼d
Joce Hoter5s6d
Alice Couper'2s
John filius Roberti1s4d
Roger Elstan2s8½d
Thomas filius Agnetis3s3d
Thomas Geffrey2s5d
John Greffrey [sic]1s5¼d
Thomas Gilneue*3s2d
Alexander filius Gerardi3s7¾d
Alan Faukys5s9½
Joce Raulyn7s1¾d
Robert Gery7s5¾d
Robert Swelewryth [sic]1s
John Dode10d
William Faukys3s10d
John Deye2s8d
Joce filius Gerardi2s
Matilda Gery1s10d
Alexander Hoter1s11¼d
Thomas filius Thome2s8d
Eryngerd Cubbul 2s2d
John filius Andree2s8d
Marg' Faukys4s11d
Alexander Bele4s6½d
Alan Mylner10d
Thomas del Longelond3s8½d
John Basilneue1s10d
John Valet2s0½d
Martin Shepehyrd5s4¾d
Echard Alberd2s1d
Richard de Cobeldyk'1s4d
Robert Thecker4s9¼d
Robert Humfrey8d
Alan de Wythom5s5d
Alan filius Walteri4s1d
John de Wythom10d
Mr John de Cobeldyk'11s3¼d
Matilda Heward2s3¼d
Seman de Wylyngham1s6d
John Weuyl2s
Gilbert de Wylynham5s4d
Alan Faule10d
John Christian3s0½d
Walter Faule5s1¾d
Richard Foule [sic]2s4d
Emcyna Relicta Andree5s9d
Richard de Blissebyry4s8d
Alan Astan10d
Roger Astan8d
Joce Dyre4s10½d
Alan filius Breyteywe6s
John Heruy3s2d
Joce filius Samueli? [MS Samuele?]2s
Thomas de Welby5s2d
Robert de Sylkyston19s6¾d
Reginald Greyue7s4½d
John filius Reginaldi1s
John de Hoyland8d
John Greyue8d
William Arnald4s8d
? filius Roberti [MS poor for next few entries]14s7d
Matilda Relicta Rouland'1s6d
? Relicta Alani8d
? Conayn1s8d
? Conayn2s10d
Alan filius Jocei3s6d
Roger filius Sarre3s
William ?1s0½d
Roger de Multon9s6d
Alan Wrothe [sic]1s6½d
William Randolf2s
Robert Randolf2s3¼d
Henry Tholy3s11¼d
Alan filius Thome2s
Richard Lambert2s8d
Alan filius Laurencii3s8d
John Alger2s8d
John del Meres6s
Mabilia Relicta Radulphi2s2d
Matilda de Melton3s3¼d
John Echard13s9¼d
John de Kent7s5¼d
Alan de Cassend1s6d
Robert del Feld5s
Joce del Hoyland2s5¼d
Alan Spryngholf2s
John filius Alani3s1¾d
Walter filius Clem' [Clementis or Clemencie? -- see Thomas Clement below]1s
Robert Coke2s2½d
Thomas Coke1s7¼d
Adam de Thorneton3s8d
Andrew Tayllour3s1¼d
Ralph Hubert3s7d
Robert Stallewrth10d
Alice Stallewrth5s2½d
Alan Cobelyn1s6d
John de Langeton1s4d
Robert Veysour1s
John Marchal3s9¾d
John Selth1s
John de Benyngton1s4d
William Gery2s
Robert Scherman1s5¼d
Alan de Coldere1s8½d
Annice [Agnes] Bozon6s5¼d
Thomas Clement1s4d
Warin Clement1s
Reginald Blome3s0½d
Stephen Schepehyrd2s6d
Robert Legaldon'3s2d
John del Edyk'2s6½d
Beatrice Warner2s7¼d
Alan Waly2s0½d
William filius Simonis4s2d
Matilda Relicta Jocei8d
William Attebrygge2s
John de Skeldyk'7s3¼d
Thomas Gery3s1½d
Ivetta Relicta Johannis 5s
Alice Attewater3s2¼d
John Weyth [sic]2s
Basilia Relicta Henrici2s8d
Robert Mylner9s1d
Alan filius Marg'2s2d
Robert Patryk'3s
John Attewatyr3s7d
Hugh Wryth2s1¼d
William Percy10d
Robert filius Radulphi8d
John Godeson2s5¼d
William Godeson1s1¼d
Roger Ward2s8d
Thomas Ward1s
Ivo Otes2s
John filius Warini2s
John filius Johannis2s
Alexander filius Alani1s5d
Summa xxv.li.vj.s.vj.d.qua.

The element, deuterotheme or suffix -neue occurs frequently in the Lincolnshire lay subsidy of 1327, usually atttached to a hypocoristic form of personal name in a byname.

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