[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.17] Walter Pape3s
John filius Nicholai2s2½d
uxor Johannis Grelby1s0½d
uxor Roberti B[r]ounyng1s2d
Laurence Grate1s
John filius Petronille3s8d
Alan Touneshyrd1s6d
John Ben1s6d
William Burry1s8d
Alan de Freston3s1d
Olicia [sic] Bret8d
Andrew Bussy5s1d
Reginald filius Willelmi3s
Hugh Bret3s2d
John filius Andree4s6d
John Harald4s3d
Andrew Harald4s4d
uxor Johannis filii Oliuie1s6d
John de Loyngton'1s3d
uxor Ricardi Kyng3s4d
Luke Fraunkys8s4d
John filius Humfridi1s2d
Benedict del Meres1s6d
Luke Hert1s0½d
Benedict Hert3s2½d
John filius Johannis Harald1s
Alan filius Beatricis8½d
Roger de Cunnysby4s8d
Gilbert de Poller1s
William filius Alani1s
Ralph Ladyher1s
Luke filius Roberti8d
John Thorald2s1d
John filius Johannis2s
Thomas Ermyn1s6½d
Thomas filius Willelmi2s1d
William Abraham1s1½d
Olive Peyneson1s
John filius Willelmi1s6d
Robert Fleg'8d
Thomas filius Willelmi8d
John Daw1s4d
Catherine ad Pontem1s6d
Thomas Scharp'3s4d
William Munk3s7d
John ad pontem1s6d
Reginald filius Luce1s10d
John filius Luce5s1d
William Palmer1s6d
John filius Laurencii3s4½d
Richard filius Luce3s
Walter Graue1s
uxor Hugonis Graue5s1½d
Thomas Graue2s5d
Luke Grelby1s
John Grelby10½d
Hugh Jordan1s5d
Paruus Lucas1s
Peter Thorald2s6d
Ranulph Harald2s5d
Gilbert Thorald2s6d
Alan filius Humfridi1s6½d
William Bussy3s8d
Sabina del Meres3s
Luke Wayte1s8½d
John Snayl1s7d
Walter Broune1s9d
Thomas Graue1s
William Jurdan2s4½d
Agnes Borel1s5d
De filiabus Johannis Barel8d
Laurence Cullyour1s
Clement Cullyour1s
Robert Bussy1s
Walter West9d
John Jurdan1s7d
uxor Gilberti filii Bricii1s4d
William Cotte1s4½d
William Spenser1s9d
John del Fendyk4s2d
Reginald de Wyetoft1s
uxor Ricardi de Croftis4s
John filius Ricardi Attekyrk1s4d
John filius Walteri1s4d
Isabel de Muston1s7d
Andrew Scherman1s
uxor Benedicti filii Simonis3s10½d
Andrew filius Bricii1s
Geoffrey de Clay1s
Catherine de Stykeney4s
uxor Simonis del House4s
Simon de Geyton'1s6d
uxor Thome filii Ricardi3s5d
Thomas de Hundegate4s10d
Richard Coluyl1s4½d
Alan Couhyrd1s6d
Margery ad Aulam3s3d
Thomas West1s2d
John Chapman1s6d
Geoffrey filius Walteri Chapman1s9d
Roger filius Walteri Chapman1s
Gilbert Chapman2s1d
Thomas Godewyn1s6d
Alan Godewyn1s0½d
Henry Cade1s6d
Benedict West3s1d
Thomas del Mares1s3d
John Cullul1s
[m.18] Felice del Hey1s6d
Thomas del Grene1s3d
Agnes Coupere8d
Richard Carter'2s7d
Roger Cock'5s2d
William Wylys3s6d
John filius Edmundi1s8½d
Agnes Hoghyrd2s9d
Reginald Pistor3s2d
Benedict Hoghyrd1s1d
Benedict Keger1s
Benedict Elred3s
Robert Elred3s4d
Henry Pynder5s4½d
Richard Julien1s4d
Henry Gerard1s3d
John Belle5s11d
uxor Ricardi Carpentarii [MS Carpn with contraction mark]3s7d
Henry filius Walteri3s
Walter Bargan6s
Richard filius Ricardi3s7d
Nicholas filius Ricardi2s8d
Laurence Gerard2s6d
Richard filius Johannis2s
Richard del Clay6s
Thomas Dene2s8d
John filius Matild[is]1s
William Sacry1s
Roger Albert2s
Ranulph Albert9d
John filius Johannis1s
Thomas de Barsam1s
Henry Bussy2s4d
Roger Clement5s4d
Agnes de Deylys4s8d
John Turnour1s1d
John Dene1s5d
Alice Hock'8s8d
Thomas filius Ranulphi3s1d
uxor Alani del Walles6s
Thomas Swetebonis2s2d
Laurence Syg'3s5d
Hugh filius Baudrici4s4d
Mr John de Leek and Laurence de Grimcroft13s6d
William filius Walteri4s10d
John Coluil1s
John Cock'1s
Ralph Pynder8d
Alan de Grimmescroft'11s4d
Isabel de Leek15s6d
John Mosse6s
Laurence de Muston'1s8d
Thomas filius Radulphi1s6d
Alan del Hay1s6d
Richard Attegrene1s6d
Summa xx.li.xiiij.s.iiij.d.ob.

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