[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m. 18] uxor Ricardi Heruy4s6d
uxor Hugonis1s
Ralph filius Hugonis8d
Ralph filius Roberti9d
John filius Roberti1s4d
William Den5s2d
John Hardy8d
Clement Hardy1s
Alan Mauclerc2s4d
Ralph filius Ricardi5s8¼d
Benedict Bust3s
Christine filia Ricardi1s
Alice Bust1s
uxor Ricardi8s
Richard Bussy5s
uxor Abraham'3s
uxor Johannis ad pontem2s
Robert Hugbody8d
uxor Luce8s
Matilda filia Luce9¼d
John ad crucem1s4d
John filius Ricardi3s6d
Geoffrey filius Ran[ulphi]8s
William Coup[er]eman1s
Walter Magot8d
William Oliue2s4d
Agnes filia Thome1s
John filius Hugonis8d
Roger filius Thome1s8d
Adam filius Thome3s6d
Alan filius Thome1s8d
John filius Thome1s
Margar' Lyhard1s
uxor Thome5s
Richard Pesecod1s
Robert Whytelomb1s
Richard Whytelomb8s
Richard filius Radulphi2s
Richard filius Lece1s
Richard Charleyn8d
William Breule8d
Ran[ulph] filius Ricardi2s
Reginald Theobald8d
Walter filius Nicholai1s4d
Clarice filia Ricardi8d
[m.19] Adhuc de villata de Leuerton'
Walter filius Reginaldi8d
Richard filius Thome4s4d
Thomas de Dunnysby8d
Ralph Tonbriby1s8d
Ralph Neuland8d
Thomas del Neuland1s
Walter de Thoynton'2s
John Mareschal1s10d
uxor Ricardi Brome1s1½d
Richard Rous8d
John de Waynflet1s6d
Luke filius Ricardi1s
Alan filius Ricardi8d
Henry filius Thome2s
John Mayman8d
John Soule1s
Hugh Soule8d
Robert filius Walteri2s
Walter filius Willelmi5s
Walter Whytelomb8d
Adam filius Thome8d
Walter Attefendyck8d
Richard filius Ricardi1s4½d
Robert and Reginald filii Galfridi1s4d
Letea [sic] filia Thome8d
William filius Simonis8d
Richard filius Simonis8d
Thomas filius Radulphi8d
John de Beseby8d
Roger seruiens Puyer8d
Thomas Troutyng8d
John filius Ricardi1s4d
John de Eyketon2s
Thomas Oliue3s10d
Walter filius Walteri1s8d
Isabel filia Ricardi8d
William filius Walteri8d
Robert del Rode8d
Henry Bussy jnr2s
Robert filius Willelmi1s4d
Ran[ulph] Breust[er?]1s
John del Walles4s
Alan del Walles8d
Walter le Hyrd8d
Walter Godewyn8d
uxor Johannis Sacri8d
John Yole8d
Isabel Attegraft8d
Robert filius Ricardi3s
John Attegraft8d
Baldric filius Johannis1s
Richard Attegraft1s8d
uxor Walteri Toulin1s10¼d
Richard Toulin9s
Ouerid seruiens de Grimescroft8d
John Attegrene5s
Richard Attegrene6s
Isabel filia Attehelle [sic]8d
uxor Willelmi Attegrene1s2d
Thomas Hyllot1s8½d
John Robyn8d
Alan Kotler2s
Stephen filius Ricardi6s
Thomas Theobald1s
Henry Dunnyng8d
Thomas Felgest [or Folgest?]8d
William seruiens Laurencii8d
Ivetta filia Ricardi8d
Eleanor de Friskenay2s
Catherine filia Alani8d
uxor Alani Neue2s4d
Alan filius Alani1s
Alice Lyhard1s
Helewise filia Ricardi8d
John filius Alani1s
William filius Alani1s4d
Matilda filia Alani1s
Roger filius Alani3s
William Coupe[re]man1s
Alice faber [sic]8d
Ralph filius Johannis8d
Reginald Hopst[er]8d
Henry Stot8d
John filius Gilberti8d
Richard Wasteler8d
Clement filius Johannis8d
Ralph de Dunnesby8d
Alice filia Ricardi8d
Agnes filia Ricardi8d
Lucy filia Ricardi8d
William filius Thome2s
William Scot2s
John Clement2s
Walter Scot2s
Walter filius Johannis2s
Summa xij.li.v.s.vij.d.qua.

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