[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


[m.11] Thomas filius Willelmi Deniel5s
Simon Eston'1s
Thomas Prest2s
Ralph Thurberne3s3¾d
Alan Bolle5s11d
John Bolle3s3¾d
William Catelyn2s11¾d
Richard Catelyn3s
Adam Gunne2s6d
Lambert Kyng1s
Gregory Thurberne2s
Alexander Waryn31s0½d
Thomas Gery1s
Thomas Cokyston1s
Simon Fayrchyld2s4¼d
John Bygot2s6d
Alan Tryg1s
Richard Loek [or Leek]20s7d
Alan Kyton1s
Gregory Kede3s3¾d
John Freward2s
Roger Helle3s0¼d
Richard filius Rogeri Loeke [or Leek]9s1½d
Bartholomew Rake1s
Richard Boner1s6d
Nigel de Flete2s
William de Flete1s
Adam Godehusband6s8d
Alice Cock'8s1½d
Thomas Cok'2s
Alan mercator1s6d
Adam filius Alani8s7d
Stephen de Bernewelle1s
John Fadyr8¾d
Alan Hutte1s
Thomas Garden' [Gardenarius or Gardener]3s4d
Adam Wydeuel9s3d
John Robert1s6d
Matthew Haldan1s
Gregory Undyrwynd3s0¼d
Nicholas Carpentar' [Carpentar or Carpentarius?]1s
Adam de Haltoft1s
Lucy de Haltoft2s6d
William Schyrwen9s4d
Roger Houtred*2s6d
Lambert Helleward1s
William de Lyndesay1s3d
Joan Ruysaldoun2s
William filius Rogeri Heyqued1s6d
Thomas Heyqued2s
Ad' [sic] que fuit uxor Willelmi14s11d
Lambert Suet1s
Richard Kede1s3d
Roger Hywin1s6d
John Haryel1s3d
Adam Margori2s
Agnes Relicta Hugonis1s6d
Thomas Tyrel2s
Gilbert Alg[er]1s
Gregory Catelyn6s2d
Simon Mustarder1s3d
Thomas faber1s
John Goddod3s0¼d
Nigel Pratte1s6d
Roger Cok8s11d
John Kyton1s6d
Lambert Sumpter1s
Thomas Elgar1s0¼d
Thomas Coupere1s6d
Roger Amabyl6s8d
Robert filius Walteri ad Crucem1s0¼d
John filius Roberti Gery1s
Imania Cosyn2s
Gilbert Benet3s4d
Gilbert de Haltoft9s10d
Roger de Tinden2s11¾d
William Berd1s
Robert Sneker1s6d
Roger filius Agar'1s
Emma Godesman1s
Thomas Haldan1s
William Husbond6s8d
Agnes Husbond5s7d
Simon Husbond1s0¼d
Bathe [=Bate]+ Chapman1s
Geoffrey Carter1s6d
Thomas Page8d
Thomas de Haltoft1s
William Doget6s8d
Robert filius Willelmi1s6d
John Chambyrleyn1s
Thomas Gerueys6s8d
Henry filius Emcine5s10d
[m.12] John filius Thome Bydal1s
John filius Ade1s6d
Roger filius Thome Bydel8¼d
Robert Ratekyn1s
Thomas Bele11s5d
Robert Bolle8d
Alexander Franceys1s6d
Thomas Franceys1s
Lambert Touy2s
Athelard filius Bartholomei1s
Agnes uxor Thome filii Roberti2s4¼d
Alexander Hysmay1s6d
Agnes uxor Willelmi filii Hugonis2s
Gilbert Colliour1s
Adam filius Willelmi filii Hugonis1s6d
Thomas Molend[inarius]8¾d
John filius Thome Pynde8s2d
Thomas Bygot1s6d
John filius Sarre1s
William Garden' [Gardenarius or Gardener]1s6d
Robert Burneuile1s3d
Isabel uxor Galfridi8d
Roger de Byrthorp3s0¼d
Alexander Scout'8¼d
John le Daye1s6d
Bartholomew Pynd[er?]14s0¾d
Agnes que fuit uxor Willelmi2s
Geoffrey Fra[n]ceys1s6d
John Hauory1s3d
Simon Houtred*8¾d
Geoffrey Petri1s6d
Simon Feche1s
Gilbert Wylde1s6d
Hugh Pratt1s
Gilbert Mercator2s
John Lauerot8¾d
William filius Johannis7s4d
John Brytheleem1s
John filius Nicholai1s6d
Richard Buck8¾d
Richard filius Fulconis2s
William Holyston'1s
William Baldewyn1s6d
Peter Pistor1s
Thomas Tylly8¾d
Richard Page3s4d
John faber5s4d
Nigel Bolewer1s
John Pesenneue8¾d
Henry filius Bettessone+7s5d
Thomas le Warde1s6d
William Gery1s
Thomas Suet2s4d
Hugh Bettessone+1s6d
John Pynder1s
John Sumpt[er]1s6d
William de Grafton3s3¾d
John filius Henrici Deniel1s6d
Thomas filius eiusdem1s
Thomas filius Roberti Leward2s6d
John Daniel'8¼d
Lambert del Fen3s4d
Hugh Pytit1s6d
Robert de Sutton8s4d
Adam Pratt1s6d
uxor Johannis Smert1s
Hugh Daye2s6d
Peter Drake1s
Thomas Pytit1s6d
Marg' que fuit uxor Ricardi15s
William de Welby1s6d
Simon filius Nigelli2s
John de Multon20s
Thomas Rybold6s8d
Henry del Fen10s
John Porter1s
uxor Ade filii Willelmi1s6d
Hugh Astan2s
William Marchal2s
William filius Johannis Heyqued2s4¼d
Gilbert filius Cecilie9s4d
Alan de Multon16s4d
Richard filius Willelmi de Multon'12s7d
Richard de Welby6s8d
Simon Prowet4s
Peter de Flete3s
Robert Salman3s
Roger de Welle3s
Summa xxix.li.iv.s.v.d.ob.qua.

+ Bate is a hypocoristic form of Bartholomew, which recurs in Bettessone.

* Aspirated or hypercorrect form of Outred, from the insular Germanic personal name Uchtred.

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