[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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Richard Maryot7s9d
John filius Lamberti1s9d
Richard Hod2s11¼d
Agnes Dunfoule1s5d
John Echard7s2¼d
John filius Radulphi2s0½d
William filius Lamberti2s
Thomas Cotem[er]1s8d
Stephen Cutpyk'1s2d
Richard filius Philippi1s5½d
Robert filius Philippi8½d
Henry Stug'1s2d
Martin filius Willelmi1s3½d
Lambert Broun2s6¾d
William Kyng9¼d
John filius Petri2s1½d
William filius Thome1s9d
John Peny1s
John Swyk'10½d
John de Fyskemere6s8d
Richard de Cotem[er]9¾d
John Justice8d
Thomas Buyn'8½d
Thomas Heryng1s1d
Hugh Gerre3s3¼d
John de Braceby1s1d
Robert Geffrey8¼d
Luke Lambert1s4d
Nicholas de Derby1s5d
William de Surflet8s
Walter Osgot4s11¾d
Richard Loue1s10d
Richard filius Lamberti1s8d
Richard filius Daniel'8s
Philip Lambert1s9d
William filius Lamberti3s
Geoffrey Attelathe1s5d
Thomas Mapyl1s10½d
Richard Arnof'8d
John Outered *1s
Richard Bones2s6d
Alexander Frend2s6d
Robert Ryston'1s6d
William Norman1s6d
Pain Coket7s
Thomas Passem[er]3s8¾d
Geoffrey Wyne5s11½d
Lucy Passem[er]1s8¼d
Peter filius Willelmi2s6d
Ivetta Toyk'1s6d
William Mazon3s5d
Marg' Nobbay1s2½d
Matilda Aster10d
John Campas2s
Stephen Aubray8d
Hugh Swyk'2s3¼d
Richard filius Lamberti6s5½d
John de Fellyng3s
Geoffrey Teyk2s1¼d
Peter Elsy1s10¼d
John Muriel jnr1s3¾d
John Cissor7s5½d
William Stot2s6d
John Edecous +1s3d
[m.6] Ralph Edecus [sic]10½d
Catherine Edecus3s4d
Walter Hag1s4d
Thomas Paynman1s2d
Agnes de Walpoul1s6½d
Hugh Robyn1s3d
John Dynand9d
John filius Thome1s3d
Thomas Brous1s
Cecily Gryme10d
John Rypelyn2s10¼d
Richard Cust4s
Simon Seward1s8d
William Outered1s9d
William filius Alani2s0½d
Lucy Clouy1s2d
Joseph Bousom6s0¼d
Juliana Norman1s4¼d
John filius Beatricis9¼d
Richard filius Johannis1s8¾d
Andrew filius Thome8½d
Amice Martyn1s2d
Daniel Passem[er]1s3d
Robert Lelhod2s0½d
John Chapman1s1¼d
William filius Johannis2s1½d
Alan Osse1s7d
Ralph filius Galfridi1s6½d
Ran[ulph] Baudry1s
Hugh Heryng1s2½d
Robert Campas1s6¼d
Alan Buyn'1s2d
John faber9¾d
Agnes Gunyld1s2d
John de Bykyr chaplain10s11d
Reginald Attegote [sic]1s8d
John de Cotem[er]2s6¾d
John Redy1s9d
William Herbert1s2½d
Adam filius Hugonis1s6¼d
Summa totalis de Quadheryng xiij.li.viij.s.iv.d.qua.

* A form of the OE personal name Uchtred.

+ A hypocoristic form of a female personal name, possibly Edith.

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