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For some quantitative use of this lay subsidy, G. Platts, Land and People in Medieval Lincolnshire (History of Lincolnshire, volume 4, Lincoln, 1985). For Grimsby, S.H. Rigby, Medieval Grimsby. Growth and Decline (University of Hull Press, Hull, 1993), pp. 20-8 and 36. An extremely interesting study of the lay subsidy material for the Parts of Lindsey is: G. Kristensson, Studies on the Early Fourteenth Century Population of Lindsey (Royal Society of Letters, Scripta Minora, Lund, 1976-7), which considers the direction of movement of people and regional association. For the values of vills in 1334, R. E. Glasscock, The Lay Subsidy of 1334 (British Academy Records of Social and Economic History n.s. II, 1975), pp. 165-86.

Please note that wapentakes and wapentake summe will be added only after the vills are completed. Wapentakes will be indicated in the listing of vills, but wapentake totals given in a separate file at the end. In due course will be added the values for 1334 and, in appropriate cases, the values from the early-thirteenth-century lay subsidy for parts of the county edited by F. Cazel for the Pipe Roll Society -- but not for some time! In this edition, the note about the file not having yet been proof-read means that I have only read through files once and would like to check them again.

Source: P.R.O. E179/135/14-16

Parts of Holland (E179/135/14)

The rate was one fifteenth.

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