[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.14] Nicholas Hardy1s6d
John Palm[er]1s
Thomas de Mora4s3¾d
Nicholas filius Petri2s11¾d
John filius Galfridi8d
Guy filius Galfridi1s1½d
John Maryot8d
Robert Polle3s6½d
Emcyna que fuit uxor Johannis1s10½d
Robert filius Johannis1s11¾d
Gilbert Nodde8d
John Derenloft1s5d
Robert Dod3s10¼d
Thomas Lissone1s0½d
Nicholas Conyng11¾d
William Mey1s11½d
Richard filius Johannis4s10¾d
Alice que fuit uxor Ricardi8d
Roger Chatyr8d
William Pory1s10d
Everard Route7s3¾d
Geoffrey filius Matill[dis]1s
Simon Le Clerk4s8¾d
Roger Spycer8d
Roger de Leueden 3s7½d
Geoffrey filius Thome9d
Geoffrey Male4s4¼d
Geoffrey filius Nicholai2s11d
William filius Nicholai7s6d
Beatrice Relicta Galfridi8d
William filius Willelmi8d
William Daniel9d
[m.15] Nicholas Elredd8d
Gilbert filius Thome1s10d
John Clerk1s
Roger Polle6s4¾d
Margar' Baldwar'4s2½d
John Styrkhyrd8d
William filius Petri Sabyn10½d
William Skakel1s9½d
Roger filius Roberti Nicol3s11d
William Wanton'4s4½d
Robert Raulot8d
John filius Roberti Geue9d
John filius Thome de Mora3s8¾d
Thomas de Walpol2s1d
William de Mora16s7¾d
John Worhip3s1d
Eva Pory9d
Robert Pory2s9¾d
Simon filius Willelmi8d
John Aleyn1s11¼d
William filius Walteri8d
John Schepehyrd8d
Jeva [Geva] Relicta Johannis Nicol9d
John de Mora5s1¾d
John Raulot8d
Geva Relicta Nicholai8d
Robert Wymund1s
Henry filius Galfridi4s8d
Nicholas filius Hamonis1s
Nicholas filius Ricardi Geue8d
Robert Wylkys9d
Robert Styrkehyrd2s1d
Robert filius Galfridi8d
Geoffrey Hamund9d
William Rageman1s6d
John Tholy10¾d
John Kyng5s4d
Everard Isaac3s
Agnes Relicta Galfridi1s4d
Simon Hamund6s9d
John Neue8d
Simon Rede8d
John Knylle1s
Geoffrey Wyldhau[er]1s7d
John filius Johannis1s1¾d
Nicholas filius Simonis1s7¾d
Nicholas filius Radulphi9s5d
Thomas de Leueden8d
William Houtared*4s3½d
John Galardon'1s6d
John Dobyn2s5½d
John Harneys+1s
Emma que fuit uxor Johannis8d
Robert filius Henrici6s5¼d
John Lambert5s11d
Simon de Thornagthe8d
Gilbert de Bryggeley2s0½d
Ebulus Lestraunge£3 2s 0½d
John Bateman8½d
Nicholas Fyn8d
Alan Spyllale9d
Elizabeth de Monte forti3s1d
Walter de Bayeley1s6¾d
John Beuerich1s
Peter Athee1s1¾d
William de Parys8d
Robert filius Johannis8½d
Alice Brid3s5d
Geoffrey Sweyn8d
Adam Mellor1s
Thomas Steuene1s1d
Walter de Peniston11d
John filius Johannis10½d
Geoffrey de Nethyrwyk'5s
Thomas Counte9½d
Roger filius Roberti9¾d
Nicholas filius Rogeri1s10½d
Fulk filius Fulconis1s5¾d
Simon filius Willelmi8d
Nicholas filius Johannis6s10½d
Simon Adam9d
Nicholas Hamund8d
Simon filius Willelmi9d
William filius Johannis9¾d
Roger filius Ricardi8½d
Guy filius Simonis9½d
William Male2s9¼d
Robert Leuet1s
William Eborard4s2d
Simon Male15s5¾d
Agnes Relicta Johannis Palm[er]8d
John de Bagthorp1s
William del Launde4s2½d
Ralph filius Nicholai1s0½d
Ralph del Fryth'1s2½d
Fulk de Leueden8¾d
Fulk Leffy10¼d
Vat' [sic -- Wat?] Fryday8¼d
Ralph Gernon1s1¾d
John filius Thome6s2d
Geoffrey Yongge1s
Richard Ossegot8d
Agnes Relicta Nicholai8¾d
Robert de Benescroft3s9¾d
John Ossegot16s11¼d
Hamo filius Rogeri5s3¼d
William Wylimot2s1d
Thomas Cotte10d
John Garden' [Gardenarius or Gardener]8d
Robert Dych8d
William Hubbyng9d
Roger vicarius2s3¾d
Robert Galardon1s7d
William Nunne1s3¾d
Robert Hamund8d
Gilbert Ganne9d
Thomas Male1s
Robert de Cagate2s0½d
Robert filius Hugonis8d
Matilda Relicta Roberti11d
Thomas Galardon1s4¼d
William filius Radulphi3s7¼d
William Galardon9d
Simon Polle1s10¾d
Henry de Wodforde1s6½d
William Warde11¾d
Nicholas Daniel4s6d
John Foucher8½d
Robert Graunger1s
Matilda Wlm[er]8d
Richard Robert3s2½d
Margar' Gilbert7s5½d
William Cut4s
Geoffrey Male10s
Richard Bonet6s6¼d
John Palm[er]6s11¼d
Nicholas Rudde2s
William filius Fulconis5s
Simon Leffy5s
John de Sutton4s
William Le Clerc'3s
Robert Ganne1s
Summa xxiij.li.xiij.s.v.d.ob.

* An aspirated or hypercorrect form of the insular personal name Uchtred.

+ An aspirated or hypercorrect form of the Continental-Germanic personal name Ernisius/Arnisius, Erneys or Arneys?

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