[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.6] Thomas Gulle1s7d
Hugh Pauk'1s4¾d
John de Langetoft10¼d
Robert Blenche2s2¼d
Gilbert Reynald20s3½d
Robert Capon3s4d
Robert filius Thome8s11¾d
Robert Ayttock'1s4d
Matthew Tabernar[ius]1s5d
Gilbert Thecker1s6¾d
John Corlo7s10¾d
Marg' que fuit uxor Johannis1s3d
Robert Whytebred8s2d
Richard Whytebred4s6¾d
William filius Hugonis1s3¼d
Robert filius Huberti2s1½d
William Belnes1s2¾d
Felice que fuit uxor Walteri3s5½d
Geoffrey Spark6s6½d
Richard le Rede4s10½d
Geoffrey le Rede3s9¾d
William Bate2s4d
William Candeler'1s10d
John Whyte1s8d
Hugh de Hoyland3s7d
Marg' Hoddyl11¼d
Mr John Hodyl17s5d
Peter filius Hugonis4s7¾d
Alice que fuit uxor Ricardi10¾d
John Crow4s5½d
John Atteldeu1s1¾d
Robert Hem1s5½d
John Trouns2s2¼d
Robert Flouter9d
John Ilhayl8s10d
Elizabeth uxor Jordani [MS Jordanis]15s9¼d
Helewise Trouns2s10¼d
Thomas Wortes3s6½d
Richard de Holdthepyn'2s9¾d
John filius Ricardi2s7¼d
Robert Capun3s4d
Robert Hoddyl3s4d
Richard Cullul3s4d
Gilbert Attegrene3s4d
Alan le Rede5s2¼d
Agnes de Campo4s7d
Robert Thecker5s8¼d
John Thecker2s8¾d
Robert Whytenelson2s9d
Thomas filius Simonis29s1¾d
William Coke1s5¼d
Gilbert Scot9d
John Cok'2s10¼d
Thomas Curman3s
Robert Dede11¼d
Nigel Rougeuyn37s8¼d
Robert Almod1s5½d
Thomas filius Johannis1s1¾d
John del Risches1s7¾d
Isabel que fuit uxor Willelmi9½d
Alice que fuit uxor Seward'2s9¾d
Walter de Waynfled'10s10½d
Gilbert Godewyn1s2½d
Alice Remay1s2¼d
Andrew Baret1s
John Spycer1s10¾d
John frater eius2s11½d
John Tayllour1s4d
Geoffrey Brewyster9s9¼d
Emma Hogg'3s1d
Marg' que fuit uxor Alani1s9¾d
John Hogg2s10¼d
William Foleiaumbe2s2d
[m.7] Richard de Douseby5s8d
Robert Herlewyn3s0½d
Nicholas del Risches3s
Nicholas Swan1s9¾d
Roger Garden' [Gardener or Gardenarius]11¼d
Richard filius Godefridi Rougewyn4s8d
John Goddes3s2½d
William filius Isabelle1s2½d
Nicholas Mold5s9½d
Nicholas Cock'9¼d
Godfrey Rougewyn9¼d
Godfrey Dyot'4s4¾d
Nicholas Spede1s5½d
Nicholas Rugewyn10½d
John Dede10½d
William Prowet1s2½d
John filius Bartholomei6s6d
Roger Benyn9¾d
Thomas Herre2s8¾d
John Sprot1s10½d
John filius Ranulphi1s9d
Summa xx.li.viij.s.v.d.ob.qua.

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