[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


[m.7] Hugh Gildintho'8¼d
Robert Gildyntho8d
Thomas de Crabdam3s4d
Catherine Geffrey2s3d
Robert Geffrey1s
John filius Thome2s4d
Alexander filius Thome1s3d
Walter filius Thome1s8½d
William Gildyntho9¼d
Gilbert de Crabdam2s6¼d
Sabina Wymerk'1s7d
Lambert Wymerk'2s8d
John del Grene2s6d
John de Crabdam10s5d
John Adam2s6½d
Walter Bercator [sic]2s8d
William filius Rogeri2s0¼d
Isabel Tholy1s3d
Robert Tholy1s6d
John Asty1s6½d
Cecily Strong2s10½d
Richard de Herwyk5s
Cecily de Herwyk6s
Catherine Champeneys12s
Alan Wace1s6d
Thomas Wace1s8¼d
Agnes Gere1s5d
[m.8] Thomas Pyioun1s6d
Catherine Pygot2s
John Bonde1s3d
Marg' Bonde10d
John filius Ricardi1s4d
Robert de Stanton1s0¼d
Matilda de Norton1s0¼d
Richard filius Cecilie5s8d
Geoffrey Matheu10d
Sauicula? Champenays18s1¾d
Marger' Coke9d
Thomas del Hyll'9¼d
Beatrice Attehyll'8½d
Thomas Loke8s0½d
Roger Rolland4s6d
Roger de Cibety1s5d
William Sourale snr1s6d
William Sourale jnr1s0½d
Thomas Bonewrt2s1¾d
Rose Symund1s0½d
Samson Leder1s6d
Helen [Elena] ad ecclesiam1s6½d
Richard de Fiskem[er]4s0¼d
Agnes Gilberd2s0¼d
John Gilberd snr1s6d
Sybil de Herwyk'1s8d
Alan Massingberd2s0½d
Alan Aray3s6d
John filius Thome9d
John Cokeman9d
Her' [heres or heredes] Gilberti Passeuant [sic]2s0¼d
Hugh de Cranem[er] snr5s8d
Agnes quondam uxor Roberti9d
Thomas Gere1s1½d
Gilbert Asty8½d
Hugh de Dunnysm[er]1s1d
Dulcy de Cibetey2s8¼d
Alan de Dunnysm[er]7s8d
Nicholas filius Rogeri2s8¼d
Roland filius Jocei2s6¾d
Cecily Heryng2s6¼d
Richard filius Rogeri de Cibetey1s0½d
Roger de Bykyr10½d
Alice Brounyng3s2d
Hugh Brounyng2s0¼d
Thomas Hellot1s3d
John filius Wace1s3¼d
Matilda quondam uxor Johannis4s6¼d
Cecily de Kyrketon'2s0¼d
John Brounyng1s6¼d
Hugh Quenes19s2d
William faber8d
Reginald Longe8d
Robert Simund8d
Thomas Quicke8d
Thomas Wymerk'8½d
William Brounyng8d
Thomas de Kyrketon8½d
Roger Galle1s6d
Beatrice de Poller2s6¼d
Amabilia Trumpet2s6¾d
Nicholas filius Roberti4s11¾d
John Baly8¼d
Richard Tobhyl2s
Richard filius Willelmi4s
Roger de Hundegate3s6d
Helen [Elena] de Alta Ripa6s6d
Joce Burges3s4d
Alexander filius Johannis1s
Thomas filius Johannis8½d
Richard filius Hugonis1s
Thomas filius Lamberti9d
Alan Champeneys5s
Robert de Quadheryng3s
Thomas de Herwyk1s
Roger de Cibetey5s
Hugh de Fiskem[er]5s0½d
Roger de Fiskem[er]4s6½d
Alexander Robert4s
John filius Johannis1s2½d
fil' predicti Johannis1s8¼d
Gilbert de Sutton'10d
vicarius de Soterton10d
William Clericus1s
Hugh de Cranem[er]2s6d
John filius Johannis3s0¼d
John del Clay1s3d
Robert filius Alexandri1s10d
Ralph Gerard1s0¼d
Alice de Thope [sic]5s2½d
Peter Hubert3s
Lambert Galle1s2¼d
Emma Thorald1s2d
Hawise de Hyppetoft10d
Geoffrey filius Thome1s9d
fil' Alexandri Spenser1s
Thomas Conayn1s3d
Thomas Conayn jnr4s0½d
Walter Spenser3s
John filius Alexandri2s3d
Gilbert filius Alexandri1s0½d
Richard Selth1s8d
Alan Robert4s0½d
Thomas Galle3s0½d
Robert Adam1s8½d
Reginald Albred10¼d
Roger Albred1s2d
Lambert filius Gilberti4s1¼d
John filius Martini6s
Dulcy Spenser8¼d
John filius Willelmi1s8d
Matilda Gilberd8d
William Taillour10d
Lambert filius Lamberti10½d
Thomas frater eius2s1d
Sauuicula Hunnyng4s
Robert de Kele1s0½d
Alice de Kele6s8½d
William Rolland6s0½d
Alan de Kele1s6d
Robert filius Rogeri3s
Thomas frater eius1s2d
Simon filius Alexandri4s
Mr John de Cobeldyk'7s0½d
Beatrice ad ecclesiam8d
John Gilbert jnr8d
Robert Plogman8d
Richard Loek' [or Leek?]8d
Roger Hunnyng2s
Richard de Kele1s6d
Robert filius Thome1s
Hugh Frankys1s
John filius Walteri6s
Summa totalis de Soterton xx.li.vj.s.ij.d.qua.

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