[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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The sequence of the entries is possibly out of order in this section of the roll, but all the taxpayers are enumerated here.

William Patryk4s4d
Robert filius Roberti6s
Leta Palmer4s8d
Thoams Soloth2s
Geoffrey Knape2s1d
Thomas Bakyster2s10d
Ralph Sutor2s1d
Henry de Donyngton'3s10d
Osbert Hodelyn8s
Walter Gerard5s
Alexander Palastr'1s6d
Relicta Laurencii Palastr'1s6d
Joan Joudy2s4d
John del Mores2s2d
Amabilia Euerard6s
Robert Palmer 5s
John Hyllary2s
Robert filius Gerardi1s10d
Alan Chese2s4d
Robert Cut2s6d
John Bolle1s5d
William de Lyndysay8s4d
Richard Rousyng8s
Thomas Bolle1s10d
Lambert Balle2s
John de Langholm8s4d
John Drumbyl4s6d
Reginald de Porteslade2s
Robert Stodhyrd1s10d
Robert filius Ricardi Tatyna2s4d
Richard de Langholm2s8d
Isabel Balle1s4d
John filius Hellewys[ie]1s8d
John Ward1s6d
Lambert Seller1s
Adam Otheflores1s10d
Robert de Kyme3s4d
Hugh Cust1s8d
Joce Bullok'2s2d
Robert filius Johannis3s4d
William Hore1s4d
Abelot [no byname]4s2d
John Cock1s10d
Marg' Relicta Jocei Bacon'11s2d
Thomas de Burtoft3s2d
Stephen Buck4s6d
Emcyna Relicta Ricardi Tatyna4s1d
John de Mynton'5s6d
Richard de Mynton'1s4d
Godfrey Kyng3s4d
Robert Gunnyld3s6d
Ranulph Phylip3s2d
Richard filius Ricardi Pynder6s
Hugh Papunyay5s10d
John de Welles2s10d
John Brounche2s2d
John de Hoyland17s10d
Alan Sley3s9d
William Herreward3s2d
Michael Chapman3s4d
William Abelot3s4d
Robert Loundreys1s5d
Richard filius Hugonis3s4d
William Danyel6s6d
Adam Baret4s
Joce Pygot4s4d
Geoffrey Martyn 5s4d
Petronilla Cerre5s2d
Agnes Relicta de Wylymot'6s10d
Thomas Tayllour6s10d
John Sprot3s4d
Alan Drumbyl4s2d
Alan Tholy9s4d
John Buck5s4d
Osbert Hert5s2d
Robert Cade2s4d
Thomas Bond7s
John Fleyl7s
Richard de Oxon'7s
John Fengreyue7s
Summa totalis villate de Swynesheued xviij.li.v.s.v.d.

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