[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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John Euot 5s
Agnes le [sic] Palm[er]1s8d
Richard Man2s3d
John de Tynwelle4s6d
Isabel Gunyld'2s
Robert Gilbert1s4d
Simon Anabel2s6d
Robert Diue1s6d
Robert Gunhild'4s6d
Richard Conson2s
William las [recte bas?]5s
Geoffrey frere2s6d
Gunnilda Bas5s6d
Roger Dukgold1s
John filius Margerie3s
Geoffrey Bele6s
Richard Jok'4s6d
William Herle1s
Gilbert Haldon* 2s
Richard atte gildhalle6s
Roger filius Thome1s
Geoffrey faber1s6d
Alice de Wytham1s
Sarah Bas1s
Emma Godefrey5s6d
Robert Gode2s
Geoffrey de Wytham2s
John Andreu6s
Agnes Schirlok'2s6d
Sarah Aylnouth5s6d
Robert ad crucem1s
Geoffrey þer Est3s6d
Robert rien3s6d
Richard Bele2s6d
Simon atte howe5s
Adam Page3s6d
Amya Inggos1s
Geoffrey Buchos6s
William Nichol2s6d
William Campioun1s6d
Geoffrey Anabel2s6d
John de þe suth2s
John Deyne2s
Geoffrey Pope4s6d
Geoffrey Ad'3s6d
Robert Payk'2s6d
Gilbert Wyht2s
Robert Anabel2s
Geoffrey ad ecclesiam2s
Total £7 4s9d

* Probably representing Haldan[e], a form of the Anglo-Scand personal name, Halfdan.

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