[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.16] To be added [see below]
To be added
To be added
To be added
Geoffrey de Rythyrwyc'16s1¼d
Robert Makyererl1s8½d
John Cok10¾d
John Ballyng 1s10½d
John Le Neue1s4¼d
Amice de Tyd6s1¾d
William filius Lecie1s8¼d
John Godewille3s0¾d
John de Rythyrwyc'1s0¾d
Walter Noche1s6d
Richard Balling2s1¾d
Walter Fadir3s6¾d
Henry Fayrhore1s1½d
Richard filius Thome1s3½d
William filius Thome1s7¼d
Thomas Hunte2s1¼d
Geoffrey filius Thome1s5½d
William filius Andree5s9¾d
Nicholas Jordan4s
William Fys2s2½d
|Richard ad pontem4s11¾d
John Fyn11¾d
Joan de Lenne1s5¼d
Richard filius Dulcie1s4½d
Geoffrey Taillour1s
Nicholas Cadiman1s1¼d
Reginald de Tyd8¼d
John Gouk'8d
Geoffrey filius Dulcie9¾d
Simon Leffy1s4d
Edmund de Wykene1s
Richard Eliaduck8d
John Eliaduck1s8d
Nicholas de Rytherewyck'2s8d
Richard Cadiman10d
Alan Hunston'10d
Summa vij.li.xvj.s.vij.d.qua.

Four domini at the head have not been transcribed yet.

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