[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.11] William filius Lamberti8s2½d
Thomas Rog[er]1s
Peter Rog[er]1s
Thomas filius Nigelli1s4½d
Lucy que fuit uxor Roberti10s5d
Thomas Gery9s1¼d
Ran[ulph] Fischere2s11¼d
Robert Rasche14s
Hugh Attehyrne2s7d
Robert filius Ricardi3s1d
Richard Coppyng'1s
Thomas de Appyltoft2s2d
Geoffrey Monforth2s3d
Gregory de Hardyng1s
Robert Synaund3s5d
Lambert filius Ricardi8d
Roger le Garden[er]1s8¾d
Robert Osgot8d
Robert filius Gilberti2s4d
Peter filius Stephani1s
Simon Broun6s4d
Hugh Bydyl2s11¾d
Nicholas Edryk1s
Gilbert de Arardewelle5s10d
Henry filius Nicholai1s
William filius Nicholai8s11½d
Willia Turk'1s
Hugh Herberd2s9d
Ran[ulph] filius Gilberti4s4d
Robert Kegyl8d
William Pratt8d
William Julian5s1d
Walter Paynot2s
Robert Pratt2s9d
John filius Nicholai15s6½d
Lambert filius Roberti 1s10d
Emcyna Seman1s8d
William Gocelyn4s
William filius Alani5s0¼d
Simon filius Nicholai7s10d
William filius Ade3s0½d
Simon Brian11s4d
Thomas Tholy1s
Emcyna Ederyche8d
Geoffrey filius Nicholai3s2d
William Biffyn15s5d
Alice Seman8s2d
Thomas Seman2s10d
Nigel AtteDrane2s10d
Richard Paynot2s0½d
Mar' de Bernewelle2s9d
William Silueron8d
Robert Hare1s
John filius Galfridi4s2½d
Gilbert filius Galfridi 3s7d
Matilda de Hallem[er]14s6¾d
Geoffrey Silueron3s3d
Adam Felden1s9d
John de Frysseby7s2d
Robert filius Willelmi4s6d
Gilbert Osberne3s6½d
Salamon Chapman2s
Richard filius Ade1s4d
William vicarius de Weston'3s
William de [sic] Breton1s3d
William Bene1s3d
Thomas filius Ade1s4d
Lucy Ederiche2s2d
Summa xiij.li.v.s.

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