[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.12] William Foulman£2
Alice que fuit uxor Henrici8s
Richard filius Johannis Foulman6s8d
John de Assewyk1s
Simon Randolf1s
Richard Foul1s8d
John de Blankeney2s
Adam Houston1s
John de Bradeflet1s
[m.13] William de Pyncebek5s10d
Peter Godhusband8s8d
Thomas Ascer5s4d
William Badil1s
Alexander Kyng1s4d
Nigel Holdekorn2s
John Lachecold1s
William Attebarre1s6d
John de Stokewelle4s
John Page1s
William Aleyn1s4d
John de Bereford1s8d
William Attebrygge1s
Robert de Hakebeche14s6d
William de Spaldyng10s
Thomas de Blakewelle1s
John filius Nigelli1s4d
Gilbert Egir2s
Robert Tholy1s
John Belle1s6d
Simon Grace1s4d
Alexander de Blakewelle6s8d
Matilda que fuit uxor Nigelli3s
Adam Kay3s4d
Roger Grace1s4d
Bartholomew Doget1s
John Bolle10s
John de Quappelad14s8d
Alexander Skarlet3s8d
John Potyto2s
John de Stokewelle2s2d
Nicholas de Stokewelle6s8d
Alan Grener5s4d
William Hode20s
Prior of Spalding13s4d
|Richard filius Fulconis6s8d
Lambert Bally10s
Hugh Carter'6s8d
Marger' de Goram3s4d
Geoffrey Gikel2s8d
Thomas Skarlet6s8d
uxor quondam Galfridi4s
John Fouleman13s4d
Alan filius Alicie3s4d
Thomas Pocok1s8d
Hugh filius Henrici3s0½d
Henry Knag'1s
Conan faber2s
uxor Galfridi1s
Hugh de Northburgh1s
Roger Drake10s0¼d
Robert filius Johannis6s0¼d
Gilbert Hokyi10s8d
John Thorney [sic -- asyndetic]2s
Nicholas Gase1s
Simon Howet1s
Martin Clericus2s
Roger Orre1s8d
Henry Knag1s
Simon Long2s
Geoffrey Long2s
Thomas Doutefir1s
Matilda quondam uxor Roberti15s4½d
Robert Fouleman4s7¾d
John filius Ricardi1s
Peter Knag2s
Simon Berd1s4d
John Pokedyk'2s
Robert molend[inarius]1s
Thomas Seman1s4d
Lambert Sumpt[er]1s
John Pratt1s
Peter filius Lamberti1s
Thomas Gykyl1s
Matilda quondam uxor Simonis1s4d
Fulk Codde3s4d
Alan de Walpole 2s8d
Peter filius Thome7s10d
Marger' que fuit uxor Johannis14s4d
Alexander Ingram4s2d
William Cocus2s
John Crane1s
Robert Dewe2s8d
Richard Iwyn1s
William Crane1s
John Relicta Nicholai1s4d
Robert Crane1s
Conan Ly3tefoteii; 1s4d
Stephen Chyld1s4d
Felice Bacon13s4d
John Hanekyn5s6d
John Attasse5s10d
Peter Carter'2s
John filius Lucie3s
Alexander filius Stephani1s
William filius Hugonis1s8d
Nigel filius Stephani1s
Geoffrey Duereyiii 2s
Robert Doutefir1s
Alexander Carter'2s4d
Peter de Wygetoft2s10d
William Styward8s8d
Alexander de Wemlche6s8d
Simon Asser2s10d
Robert Brodyng2s8d
Alan Cart[er]1s8d
Geoffrey Huberd1s4d
Robert Attehesche1s
Lambert Attehesche1s8d
Ralph Rowes1s
John Fischer1s6d
Jeva [Geva] de Reddyk'1s
Richard Conyng1s
Ralph Sparhauke6s8d
Peter Thokeiv 3s
Peter de Neudyk'4s
Robert Whyte2s4d
Adam Gikel1s4d
Peter Sparhauke1s
John filius Fulconis1s4d
Adam filius Petri1s8d
Simon Tastard1s
William Daniel1s8½d
John Noble1s
Alexander Golle1s
John Iwyn10s
Robert Belleward1s4d
William Attemedewe2s
Simon filius Christiane1s8d
John Storm2s4d
John Athelard3s4d
John Siuerd6s
Lambert Belle2s
Geoffrey Siuerd2s
Simon filius Fulconis1s4d
William Curteys2s4d
Margar' de Welle1s4d
John Randes1s
William Baldewyn2s4d
Thomas Shipedam1s6d
Roger Baldewyn1s
Geoffrey Lachecold8s2d
Robert Rust6s8d
William Badyl2s
John filius Galfridi2s4d
Alexander Bordel1s4d
William Wymerk1s
Stephen Smethefeld [sic -- asyndetic]4s4d
Ralph filius Stephani4s
Henry filius Roberti5s
Robert Athelard5s
John filius Willelmi4s
Alan Miles4s
Summa xxx.li.j.s.ix.d.ob.qua.

i An aspirated or hypercorrect form of the Anglo-Scand personal name Oky.

ii A medial yogh.

iii Sc. Drury.

iv Possibly the Anglo-Scand personal name Toki.

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