[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.17] Eudo Attefendyk'2s8½d
Peter de Wlmersty3s11d
Hugh Basse1s7d
Robert de Wlmersty2s7¾d
Simon filius Roberti4s0¼d
Michael Long2s1d
Thomas filius Galfridi5s4d
Simon Whytebred7s
Walter Whytenef3s4d
Baldric Baldewyn8s7¼d
Thomas Coupereman4s
Thomas de Thorp2s0½d
Muriolda quondam uxor Roberti1s4¼d
Tomas Clericus8s6d
William Kny3th [yogh]8s
William filius Johannis4s6½d
John filius Hugonis Hersaud2s8¼d
Alan Hersaud4s
Richard filius Walteri filii Ran[ulphi]1s0¼d
John Knol3s
Hugh Carpentarius [MS Carpn with contraction mark]2s6¾d
Ranulph Chapman7s0¼d
Richard Bust2s4¾d
Richard Norissone2s4½d
John Smyth5s8d
Alan filius Lamberti3s6d
John filius Simonis Fauner1s2½d
Walter Porter5s9¼d
John filius Matild[is]4s
uxor Alani Styrckhyrd2s7¼d
Adam de Stepyng2s9d
Nicholas(?) [MS Nocho with contraction mark] de Stepyng5s1½d
Walter Leeke3s
Helewise quondam uxor Alani filii Ricardi6s8d
John Wlryn1s4d
William filius Ricardi2s5¼d
John Cotyman4s1½d
Alan filius Stephani1s
Thomas filius Ricardi2s
Andrew Kene1s
Robert Noressone2s
Alan filius Ran[ulphi] filii Jocei1s
William Tubbe Carpentarius(?) [MS Carpn with contraction mark]1s
William filius Abrahe [sic] Tubbe1s10¼d
Walter filius Simonis8s11d
Walter Stulhale6s3d
William filius Willelmi Coupereman5s8¼d
Hugh filius Elene5s10¼d
Robert Lambert4s4¾d
William de Dortour3s3¼d
Thomas Belsone2s3¾d
Hugh filius Thome Clerici2s1d
Uxor Roberti Jurdan2s0¼d
John Styrckhyrd1s6½d
Hugh Gernon1s9¾d
Simon Coluil1s1¾d
Richard Bassil1s
Ralph Geneuer2s8¾d
Benedict filius Alani Greyuesone5s1½d
Ivetta Ward8s7½d
Walter Bret4s0½d
Roger Monk1s7d
Roger filius Ricardi2s8d
William Rougsone1s8½d
John Hert1s8d
John Dase3s4d
Richard filius Radulphi Baldewyn3s9½d
uxor Ricardi Haldman3s
Richard filius Walteri4s9¾d
Robert Styrck2s2¾d
John Baldewyn4s5¼d
Magnus filius Walteri2s9d
Richard filius Dionisii1s
Alan de Kelsey5s4d
Marg' que fuit uxor Willelmi filii Andree6s8¾d
Ralph Neucomen2s8d
Hugh Pygge3s5d
Richard filius Eudonis Whytebred5s8¼d
Alan Goldesone3s11d
William filius Eudonis5s
John de Ry5s
Roger filius Johannis3s
John Bret2s
Summa xv.li.vj.s.ix.d.ob.

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