[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.24] William de Westborn4s6d
William Machun4s1d
Joan Waryn1s
Alice atte halleyate10d
Agnes south'3s3d
John faber2s
Robert Belle4s8d
Simon de Osby2s8d
Roger Mabill'3s8d
William de Swanborn4s6d
Richard Mazoun4s7d
Robert Philipp'4s8d
John de Templo10s
William Hert3s1d
Walter Rolle1s
Richard Phelipp'1s
William Huet2s6d
John Swanborn7s
Thomas carpentarius2s2d
John Machun1s8d
Robert atte Grene3s1d
Roger South1s2½d
Thomas Capellanus1s8d
Elias Burheued'1s8d
Nigel [no byname]1s2½d
Robert attegrene9s
Robert Leue4s2d
Stephen de Tornican5s
Philip Belle3s4d
William Marschall'1s
William filius prepositi1s
Total £5 1s2d
De priore Sancti Johannis Jerusolem' apud Bruer' et apud Rouston .vj.s.viij.d.

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