[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy


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[m.25] Robert filius Lecie9s1d
Alice diue3s2d
Simon filius Radulphi8½d
Joan dikeman2s
William Juman5s
Ralph de Sutton8½d
Thomas Hunt1s4d
Simon Dykman4s6d
Roger filius Hugonis2s3d
William Cissor5s
William filius Lecie2s4d
John daniel8d
[m.26] William Gutte10s6d
Robert Pekman1s6d
Richard Daniel15s2d
Adam Molot1s4d
Robert de Roust'3s
William de Roust'1s
Adam de Tilnaye3s
Hugh Broun2s
William de Tykeryng' [sic]2s
William filius Hugonis1s
John faber2s
Roger de Dyghby2s
William de Morton'9s
William Herward'1s10d
Adam Peroun1s
Nicholas de Rouston'1s
Henry bercarius1s
Agnes ad stratam12s
Roger Dikeman8¼d
John carpentarius1s
Adam Pelliparius1s
Alice schyrreue8¼d
Richard Auerhill2s6d
John faber1s
Alice de Lyndesaye2s
Thomas filius Alexandri1s6d
Hugh poye1s2d
John molendinarius1s
William Hamund1s
Roger Milisand'1s4d
Roger Richyld'2s4d
Robert Moysant4s
Andrew de Marham7s6d
William Cunstable1s4d
Nicholas moysand2s
John Bleuet3s2d
Thomas de Skarle1s
John de Pykeryng1s
Alexander Germayn1s
Total £7 5s3½d

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