[ELH] Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy

Westborough and Thorpe Parva

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[m.29] Agnes Bardolf'5s4d
Adam de Eueringham5s
Richard Gerard2s1d
Richard oþedik'9d
Robert Hencop1s9d
Agnes atte Maydens9d
Geoffrey Tryg'9d
Richard Ailsi2s1d
Geoffrey atte Bure10d
Marg' Tryg'1s
Geoffrey Hotte1s10d
William Sosan8½d
Margaret ad capud ville1s
Thomas de Wiggesle10d
Thomas faber2s6d
Geoffrey knyt1s
Alice Arkel*2s2d
Robert fairman1s8d
Robert Arkel*1s
Richard Arkel*3s2d
Robert filius Loth'9d
Richard Kelman10d
William Broun1s3d
William Hert2s8d
Alexander Baker1s1d
Geoffrey filius Radulphi1s1d
Walter de Sutton'3s8d
William Kaunt2s1¼d
William Hod1s
Richard Hert3s2d
William Aldborn11d
William Roger1s
Robert Kelman1s
Emma de Stubton'9d
John Spenser10d
Hugh Mower1s
John de Holand'1s
Alice de Markham4s
John de Eten'4s
Robert Tryg'4s
John fouler2s10d
William Gilmyn8d
Total £3 15s9¾d

* A syncopated form of Scand personal name Arketel.

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