Account roll, 1376-77

[Membranes in very poor condition]

Loughborough. Account of Robert ... bailiff (Compotus Roberti ... balliui) Michaelmas 50 Edward III to Michaelmas 1 Richard II
[Thomas Pegge is the parker]
£14 from the income ... ... Lease of the common oven to Robert Baxter of L at will (Et de xiiij li de proficuo ... ... Et de firma communis furni de Lughteburgh' dimissi Roberto Baxter de lughteburgh' ad voluntatem)
Herbage £10 1s 0d
Works 286 works are owed, mainly for mowing hay and reaping corn
Unoccupied tenements (in decasu) for which the works are lost:

Works sold: 234
Transfer of money (Liberacio denariorum) £90 4s 6¾d

10s to him for the costs of John Godewyn riding at the lord's order from L to London with men and 2 horses and from there to ?Castle Donington and thence to L (Et eidem xs pro expensis Johannis Godewyn equitantis a Loughtburgh' usque London' per preceptum domini cum hominibus et ijbus equis et deinde usque Donyngton et deinde usque loughtburgh' in eundo et redeundo)
[Balance] He owes £42 10s 1½d which will added to his obligations next year (Et debet xlij li xs jd ob que oneratur in anno sequenti)
Lease of the market and oven £11 3d from the income of Loughborough fair with the toll of the fairs and all the associated income collected by the bailiff this year since there was no lessee. 40s from the lease of the common oven there let to Robert Warner (Firma Fori et Furni Et de xj li iijd de firma Fori de Loughtburgh' cum tallagio Nundinarum et omnibus aliis pertinenciis per balliuum collectis hoc anno pro defectu firmarii Et de xls de firma communis furni ibidem sic dimissi Roberto Warner)
Sale of grass with pigs' pannage (Vendicio herbagii cum pannagio porcorum) £13 1s 7d, comprising

Sale of meadow (Vendicio pratorum) £20 0s 7d to the following: John Larke, Thomas Ludelowe, Richard Bryn, Thomas Glouere, John Derby, William Burton, Thomas Burton, John Burton, William Halle, John Godewyn, John Brokstowe, John Heuton, Robert Annesley, John Hopper of Sutton [Bonington], William Kylburn the younger, John Slengesby, William Wyght, John Smyth of Stanford [on Soar], William Grene, John Goode, Richard Hogg, John Smyth of Cotes, John Cartwright, Richard Bretvile

Land leased (Terra dimissa) as follows:

Court income (Perquisita Curie) £9 3s 3d

Total of receipts £161 14s 9¾d

Relief of and loss of rent (Relaxacio et decasus redditus) £ 1 7s 2½d, comprising:

Extrinsic costs. 1s paid to Adam Taillour bearing a letter to Robert Goebowe in Folkingham forbidding the banns between the lord and his wife being proclaimed there. 1s paid to John Gedlyng the younger bearing a letter to the bailiff of Folkingham forbidding him from buying a horse for the summer (Expense forinsece Et soluti Ade Taillour portanti j litteram usque Folkyngham directam Roberto Godebowe ad premuniendum ipsum ne banna inter dominum et uxorem eius ibidem endicantur xijd Et soluti Johanni Gedlyng juniori portanti j litteram balliuo de Folkyngham directam ad premuniendum ipsum ut non emat equum per le Somer xijd)

Officials' wages (Vadia officiorum)