Court of Tuesday 13 November Anno infrascripto

[Tuesday fell on 13 November in 1403]

[1] Robert Skynnere pl. v. William Dextere in a plea of debt for 32s 4d pro iij togis xvjs et residuum pro quodam [sic] annuitate; def. admitted it
[2] Ralph Irnemongere pl. v. William Daweson in a plea of debt for 9s 8d, 6s 8d of which was a loan on the eve of last Easter and 3s for rent for a house in Baxteregate for the last four years, claiming damages of 3s 4d; def. denied and at law cum vjta manu
[3] William de Sheyle to answer to John Flesshewer in a plea od debt
[4] Johannes Skepmaker ponit se in misericordia pro licencia concordandi cum Thoma Sclater in placito debiti perplegium Johannis Ludlowe
[5] Walter Taylour in mercy for permission to agree with Thomas Crane in a plea of debt
[6] Ralph Irnemongere pl. v. John Melburne Skynnere in a plea of debt for a loan of 2d; def. admitted it