Curia tenta ibidem die martis xvijmo die Nouembris Anno infrascripto

[1] Stephen del Northe pl. v. William Fouler in a plea of debt for 7½d; def. admitted it
[2] Edwardus Stringere ponit se in misericordia pro licencia concordandi cum Matheo Walscheman in placito debiti perplegium eiusdem Mathei
[3] William de Stowe pl. v. Roger Walker in a plea of debt for 2s 3d for weaving cloth and for a wether sold to him (pro textura panni linei et pro j multone ei vendito); def. admitted it
[4] Roger Walker pl. v. Robert Warnere in a plea of debt for 7s for lead sold to him (pro uno plumbo ei vendito); def. admitted it
[5] Fines for waiving suit of court (Fines pro secta Curie) from the holding late Penymore's until Michaelmas: John Blenche 2d, Thomas Beele 1d, William Stowe 3d, William Fouchere 1d, Joan Yarondale 3d, Robert Breton 6d, Richard Furnyuale 2d, Roger Crusshed of Burton 12d, John de Lewys of Quorndon 8d, Thomas Blakfordby and his associates (socii) 12d, Matilda Payn 4d, Joan Hayteley 4d
[6] John Forstere took a lease of the [lordship's] right of fishing in the R. Soar (piscaria aque sue in Sore) for a term of 20 years at an annual rent of 30s; entry fine 12d