Visus franciplegii cum Curia Katerine domine de Beaumount tentum ibidem die martis in Septimana Pasche anno regni regis Henrici quarti post conquestum quinto

[1] Essonia John Taylour, William Fouchere, William Hende, John Turley, John Fleshewer the younger, Robert Baxtere the younger, John Burbache the younger, Thomas le Eyr, John de Lewys, Thomas Colman, Richard Bryn, Roger Crusshe, Henry Broude, John de Holand, Robert del Grene of Burton
[2] Mountsorrel
Chief pledge and ale taster: John Smyth
Defaults of suit: John Chaueney, John Reynold
John Reynold baked and brewed
[2] Barrow and Quorndon
Chief pledge and ale taster: Adam Kekke
Default of suit: Alexander de Lokynton
Adam Kekke hospitavit Henricum Ceruientem (sic) suum non iuratum in desena
Brewer: Adam Kekke
Disrepair of tenements: Thomas Walker, John de Wotton, Alexander de Lokynton, Thomas Colman
Stray: a ewe which was claimed afterwards by William Rudde of Seagrave (de extrahur' et postea probata per Willelmum Rudde de Segraue)
[3] Prestwold
The entire tithing in mercy since no one came to make presentments (Tota desena in misericordia quia nullus venit ad presentandum)
[4] Burton [on the Wolds]
Chief pledges and ale tasters: John atte Marche and William Bokeruyll
Default of suit: John condonatur Rowgose
Margery de Wyloghby correctly raised the hue against Richard Dawe (leuauit hutesium super Ricardum Dawe iuste); pledges John Dawe and the chief pledge
Margery de Wyloghby correctly raised the hue against Thomas Irelond; pledge the chief pledge
Brewer: John de Holand once (semel)
[5] Cotes
Chief pledge and ale taster Thomas Irlond,nunc Johannes Dylke
Nicholas Dylke entered into tithing
Brewer: John Dylkes
[6] Woodthorpe
Chief pledges and ale tasters: John Burbache the elder and Thomas Clerk the younger
Default of suit: Thomas Hatton
Robert Breton for a nuisance by incorrectly ploughing up the common balk at Fulwell and another at Saltgate (iniuste arrauit de communi balco apud Fullewelle et de communi balco apud Saltegate ad nocumentum ideo &c)
Disrepair of tenement: William Walkeleyn
[7] Knightthorpe
Chief pledges and ale tasters: Walter Saxce and John Brounsmyth
John Stryngere and John ? entered into tithing
Joan de Petymore is bound to clean the ditch at les ? (tenetur mundare fossum in les ?)
[8] Shelthorpe (Serlethorpe)
Chief pledge and ale taster: John Bailly
Default of suit: John de Thorp'
Robert de Bodeworthe felled an ash tree
[9] Loughborough
Chief pledges: John Glouere, John Luddelowe, John Prokatour, John Sadler, John Halom, Richard de Wysowe
Defaults of suit: Richard Fysshe, Walter Taylour, Richard Martyn, Robert Tyllot
Richard son of Thomas Flesshewer drew blood (traxit sanguinem) from Roger Prokatour; pledge Thomas Flesshewer
Item quod Quedam Extranea est causa sanguinis effusionis; pledge John ?
Michael Coureyour drew blood from Roger Ropere
John Thresshere and Walter Taylour played at [the game of] tables at night against the byelaw made by the whole court (luserunt ad tabulas et Talos noctanter contra ordinacionem factam per totam Curiam ideo &c)
Richard de Wysowe, Thomas Flesshewer, Roger de Pare, John Plasterer: committed a nuisance by heaping muck in Highgate (occupant altam Stratam cum fymo ad nocumentum ideo &c)
John Cartewryght, William Smyth, Robert Baxtere: committed a nuisance by heaping wood in the Highgate
John de Ecton, John Faukes, Robert Baxtere the elder: committed a nuisance by heaping muck in the Highgate
Ellis Barcolfe and John Dawe, both of Cotes: used the lordship's pasture for their animals without right as they do not have right of common (occupant pasturam infra dominium cum animalibus sine licencia et non habent communem)
William Fouchere in the same way for animals raised for sale without right (Item quod Willelmus vjd Fouchere eodem modo cum animalibus de merchandiso sine licencia)
Presented for disrepair of tenement: Thomas Flesshewer, Andrew Murdoc, William Fouler, John de Burton, Richard Martyn, Agnes Barkere, John Forstere, John Dextere, John Parker, Richard Hulle, Robert Cob'd, John de Grene the younger, John Peyntour, Giles Jurdon, John Lue, William Dextere, John Roudeland, Joan Yarondale, Henry Hayteley, Thomas Hutte, John Kilburne, John Gedlyng, John Andrewe
Ricardus Sayref hospitavit Johannem servientem suum non iuratum in desena
Item Johannes Smyth de Lynnonforthe eodem modo Thomas servientem suum
Alestatsers: John Pynder and John Daweson
Assize of bread:
these baked all kinds of bread: Richard Sayreff 6d, Robert Baxtere the younger 18d, William Baxtere 6d
these baked horse bread: John Parker twice 2d, Walter Taylour 12d, Robert Baxtere the elder 6d
Assize of ale:
common brewers (communiter): Richard Furnyuale 10d, John Cartewryght 12d, Robert Mylleson 6d, Richard del Grene 8d, John Spencer 16d, John Blenche 14d, Richard Sayreff 12d, Walter Taylour 12d, William Fouchere 6d, John de Bredon 16d, Thomas Hutte 20d, William Dextere 8d, John Ludlowe 12d, Robert Sadler 12d, Philip de Ecton 18d, Ralph Irnemongere 8d, Roger Coupere 6d, John Faukes 12d, Richard Flecchere 12d, Thomas Flesshewer 12d, John Gedlyng 6d, William Mynt 6d, John Sadler 8d, William Smyth 6d, Richard Mylner 8d, Richard Scaresdale 6d, John Kilburne 8d, Henry Dextere 6d, John de Burton 16d
occasional brewers: Hugh Sadler twice 2d, William Baxtere twice 2d, John Plasterer the younger x4 4d, William Burton twice 2d
tapsters (trauent et vendunt ceruisiam contra assisam):Roger Walker 3d, John Forstere 2d, William Saltere 4d, Roger Parker 6d, John de Tunley 3d, Ralph Smyth 3d, William Stowe 6d, Robert Taylour 4d, Simon Sadler 2d, Agnes Baxtere 2d
Affeerors: Robert Shakelok and John Pynder