Visus franciplegii tentum ibidem die mercurii proxima post festum sancti Michaelis Archangeli Anno Regni Regis Henrici quarti post conquestum xiijo

[1] [Essoins] John de Naylston, Robert de Grene, John Gamull, John Rosse, Thomas Edward, William Edward, William Burbache, Robert Clerke, William Baxster, William Wakeleyn, Thomas Hutte, Henry Hayteley, John Tounley, Richard Hortopp, John Reynold, William Plomer, John Brounsmyth, Richard Bardolf, Walter de Gedlyng, William de Grene, John Sadeler, John Shepherd, John Phippe, Geoffrey ..., Thomas Sclatere, John Blenche
[2] Mountsoreel
Chief pledge and aletaster: John Pakyngton
Default of suit: John Chaueney
Baker of white bread: John Reynold 4d
[3] Barrow [on Soar]
Chief pledge and aletaster: Thomas Colman
Defaults of suit: Adam Kec, Roger Walker, John Lewyn, John Harbard, John Lowes, John Prychet, Elizabeth widow of John Stathom (uxor Johannis Stathom, but probably his widow)
Tenements in disrepair: Thomas Colman, Roger Walker, Elizabeth widow [see above] of John Stathom
[4] Prestwold
Chief pledge and aletaster: Thomas Smyth
Default of suit: John de Heynton
[5] [Cotes]
Chief pledge and aletaster: Thomas Irelond
Defaults of suit: Nicholas Penson, William del Chamber, Margaret de Rempstan
Brewer: Matilda Dylke x6 6d
[6] [Burton on the Wolds]
Chief pledges and aletasters: John de Wyloughtby & Henry Bonde David Walscheman the younger and John Bosse
William Edward houses John Rerebowe against the assize [not in tithing] (Willelmus Edward hospitauit contra assisam Johannem Rerebowe)
Default of suit: Thomas Braunche
Brewers: Richard Bryne x1 2d, John Naylston x1 2d
[7] Woodthorpe
Chief pledge and aletasters: Thomas Clerke and William Burbache
Default of suit: Thomas Warkeman who is also not in a tithing
House in disrepair: William Parkyn
[8] Knighthtorpe
Chief pledges and aletasters: Johannes Edmundson & Robertus Jonson Johannes Lorde juravit
Default of suit: Peter Synger
[9] Shelthorpe [Serlethorpe]
Chief pledge and aletaster: John Baylly
Default of suit: William Taylour
[10] Loughborough
Chief pledges and aletasters: John de Bytham, John Spenser, John Kylburne, William Bolte, John Baylly, Thomas Glouer
Defaults of suit: Robert Tyllot, John Ferour, John Ecton, Thomas de Staunton, John Loughtburgh
John Tumbly drew blood of William son of Ralph Irnemongar; pledge a chief pledge
William son of Ralph Irnemongar drew blood of John Tumbly; pledge a chief pledge
Thomas Flesshewar and John Bytham caused nuisances with muckheaps
Robert Warner causes a nuisance with wood
John Gedlyng has a house in disrepair in which John Tumley [sc. Tunley] is staying (in quo Johannes Tumley manet)
John Kylburne and John Shepherd have granges in disrepair
Thomas Flesshewar raised a house but it is not roofed or the walls filled in (Et quod Thomas Flesshewar construxit unam domum set non tectatam nec muratam)
Miles Balle has done the same as Thomas F
Richard Hortoppe has a house which is flattened
Ralph Irnemongar causes a nuisance
Et quod Johannes Sadeler sutor ... ... [see below]
Richard Breton holds a mancio

Adhuc de curia infra

[Apparently a continuation of the view above, but on a separate detached membrane]

The homage say on oath that the chief pledges hid nothing except that John Sadeler cobbler broke ... (xij Juratores dicunt super sacramentum suum quod franciplegii predicti nullum fecerunt concellamenta extra quod Johannes Sadeler sowter fregerit ... ...)

Admission [entry] fine 4 marks Rent increase 6d Thomas Graue came into court and took from the lord a (market) stall late in the holding of John Dextere [and] ¾ of a stall 24ft long to hold at the lord's will according to the manorial custom for term of the lives of Thomas, his son Robert, his brother John, and John's brother William, paying an annual rent of 14d ... and Thomas will build anew on this foundation on the model of Henry Hayteley's seld. Thomas gives the lord an entry fine of 4 marks. Thomas pays a rent increase of 6d (Ingressus fines iiij marce Incrementum redditus vjd Thomas Graue venit in Curia et cepit de domino unum stallagium nuper in tenura Johannis Dextere tres quartrones unius stallagii iuxta supradictum stallagium continentem in longitudine xxiiijo pedes tenendum ad voluntatem domini secundum consuetudinem manerii ad terminum vite predicti Thome Roberti filii sui Johannis fratris eius et Willelmi fratris eiusdem Johannis reddendo inde per annum xiiijd ... et predictus Thomas de nouo edificabit super Idem fundamentum modo et forma unius selle Henrici Hayteley Et predictus Thomas dat domino ad ingressum quatuor marcas Et predictus Thomas dat de incremento vjd de predicto xiiijd)

Richard de Grene took a tenement in le Northend for the lives of him, his wife Isabel and their son John, according to the manorial custom, with a covenant for maintenance and repair, and to build a grange at his own expense (sumptibus propriis); pledges Richard Marchall and William de Grene; he gives nothing for entry fine because of defect (Et nichil dat ad ingressum propter debilitatem)

Common bakers of horse bread: John Kyrkeby 4d, John Bytham 4d, John Langtoft 4d, William Halle 2d, Matilda Mylner 2d
[Occasional] bakers of horse bread: Gervase de Barton x3 2d, John Kylburne x3 2d
Bakers of white bread: John Burton the younger 4d, William Burton, Robert Baxtere the elder 2d, Robert Baxtere the younger 4d, William Baxtere 4d
Common brewers: John Weyle 6d, Richard Furnyuall 6d, Richard Hortoppe 4d, John Cartewryght 6d, Robert Mylleson 4d, William Gedlyng 4d, Richard Grene, Richard Marchall 6d, John Blenche 12d, John Wardropp 6d, John Langtoft 12d, Joan Fowcher 6d, John de Bytham 8d, John de Kyrkeby 6d, Thomas Hutte 8d, William Sa... 4d, John Coryour 4d, William Dextere 4d, Alan Burdon 10d, Philip de Ecton 6d, Matilda Mylner 4d, William Halle 6d, William Bolt 4d, John Kylburne 12d, John Ludlowe 6d, John Gedlyng 6d, John Barbour 4d, John Lowe 2d, John Sadeler 4d, William Smyth 4d, William de Burton 6d
[Occasional brewers]: Robert Warner x3 2d, Nicholas Smyth x5 4d, John Baron x5 4d
Common tiplers: John F... 2d, Robert Baxter the elder 2d, ... ... ..., Richard ... 2d, John de Garendon 2d, John Spenser 2d, Robert Baxter the younger 2d, John ... 2d

Richard Marchall took a close to hold at the lord's will according to the manorial custom for four lives (him, his wife, his son and his dau), with a covenant for maintenance; pledges Richard de Grene and John Marchall; entry fine 10s

[Memorandum] William de Burton took a messuage and virgate [no further detail]

Affeerors: Alan Burdon and John Roudeland