Loughtburgh Curia tenta ibidem die mercurii proxima [post] festum Sancti Dionisii Anno regni regis Henrici iiijti xiijmo

[1] Ralph Irnemongere in mercy for a false plea of trespass v. Walter Gedlyng
[2] John Coryour in mercy for permission to agree with William Dextere in a plea of debt
[3] Roger Goldyng capellanus in mercy for not proceeding v. Richard Hortopp in a plea of debt
[4] John Bayly in mercy for permission to agree with Simon Breton in a plea of debt
[5] William Bolt admitted a debt of 14s 7d to Ralph Irnemongar
[6] Jury found that John Turnour owed John Bayly 3s for malt
[7] Jury found that John Tunley owed William Stowe 9s for a woolfell and 18d damages
[8] Thomas Petymore must answer to Giles Jurdon in 2 pleas of debt and detinue
[9] Relief of suit was allowed to: Thomas Staunton, Robert Breton, Thomas Blakfordby, Margaret Rempston, John Steneby, Roger Crusse, Thomas Blankamy, Richard Furnyuall, John Blenche, and John Foucher