Loughtburgh Visus franciplegii Willelmi Babyngton militis et Thome Hol... iunioris etatis Johannis Beaumont filii et heredis Henrici ... ... xxvj die Aprilis Anno regni regis Henrici sexti octauo

[The membrane is torn at the head; some unexplained names have thus lost their context]

[1] Essoins Robert Wyuyll, Richard Whytyngton, John Broxstowe, Robert ..., ... Taillour of Whatton, William Taillour of Whatton, John Stot, John ..., Robert Annesley, Richard Skynner, John Sadeler, William Milner, ... ..., William Wyght (sic), Thomas Reynold, William Spendelove, Robert Ale..., William Barker, Philip Ecton, John Walker in le Byggyng, ... ...
[1] Mountsorrel
Chief pledge: Geoffrey Lammas
[2] Barrow [upon Soar] and Quorndon
John Colman the younger
[3] Prestwold
Chief pledge: Thomas Iveson
Thomas Ludelowe, John Ma...
[4] Cotes
Chief pledge: Robert Holond
Margar[et] Rempston, James Fissher
[5] Burton [on the Wolds]
Chief pledges: John Smyth and John Wyloughby
Margar[et] Rempston, John Foleuill', Richard Turvill
[6] Woodthorpe
Chief pledges: William Robyn and John Cave
[7] Knightthorpe
Chief pledges: James Williamson and John Fouler
Thomas Petymore
[8] Shelthorpe (Serlethorpe)
Chief pledge: John Wysow
[9] Loughborough
Chief pledges: William Parkyn, Henry Curriour, Nicholas Jonson, John Cartwright the elder, Thomas Roudelond, John Greve
Entered into tithing: Robert Litilbury of L, Thomas Mason of L, Richard Leuerthyngton of L, ... Taillour, Ralph Shalcrosse of L, Nicholas Taillour Milnere of L, John Benet of L, John Lichfeld of L
Not in tithing: John Trowell, John Degge Walker, Matthew Walshman
Defaults of suit: Henry Jurdan, Thomas Farnham, John Yarondale, Robert Yarondale, Hugh Spencer capellanus, Richard Peyntour, John Derby, John Chapman
Juliana Crokhey made an affray on John Seuster; pledge a chief pledge
Thomas Asshburne made an affray on and broke into the house of (homsoken) Henry Clerk
Hugh Mauntell drew blood of Henry Clerk
Thomas Asshburn wrongly (iniuste) raised the hue v. Matthew Walshman
Thomas Frodesham made an affray on John Wright; pledge a chief pledge
Richard Whytyngton made an affray on Richard Taillour
Nuisances through muckheaps: John Ludelowe, William Halle, John Kynde
William Kydnote caused a nuisance with a muckheap in Leycestrelane
Houses in disrepair: John Larke, Robert Saxilby
Henry Clerk wrongly made a ditch in le dedlane between his croft and John Walker's
Nicholas Milner took too much toll and was fined 12d (Item presentant quod Nicholas xijd Milner cepit tolnetum excessiuum)
Thomas Petymore made an affray on William Stryngere
William Grene committed a trespass
Ale tasters (Tastatores seruicie): John Eyton and John Halome
Common brewers: Thomas Burton 6d, Richard Warner 4d, Thomas Burbache 6d, John Dygge 6d, John Cartwright the elder 8d, John Bytham 6d, John Ludelowe 6d, Thomas Roudeland 4d, John Pollard 4d, Williamn Corye 3d, William Parkyn 6d, Henry Clerke 6d, Richard Skynnere 4d, John Prentys 8d, Alice Langtoft 8d, Richard Marchall 8d, John Godewyn 6d, Richard Smyth 6d, William Halle 6d, William Irnemongere 6d, John Ferrour 6d, Robert Warner 6d, William Burton 6d, John Stepyngley 6d
[Occasional] brewers: John Hutte x6 4d, John Rotheley x4 4d, Cecily Burdon x4 3d, Richard Bardolf x4 4d, Thomas Flesshewer x3 2d, John Barbour x3 2d, William Marnham x3 3d, Robert Burke x4 4d, John Eyton x3 2d, John Gedlyng the elder x4 4d
Tiplers (Auxiatrices] (sold ale cum ciphis): Juliana Smyth 2d, John Fouler 3d, Richard Bocher 3d, Juliana Sadeler 3d, John Kynde 2d, William Barowe 2d, Richard Balle 4d, John Foster the elder 2d, Nicholas Lethirlond 2d, Thomas Yoman 3d, John Gedlyng the younger 3d
Bakers of white bread: William Burton 8d, Thomas Burton 8d
Bakers of horsebread: Alice Langtoft 6d, Richard Marchall 6d
Receiving/harbouring a felon:
They inform that Robert Swynhok of L, husbandman, on Monday 20 March 1430 stole in L 2 of John Stepyngley's piglets, value 8d, 2 of William Parkyn's geese and 4bs of William's barley, value 11d; he fled immediately after the theft; Thomas Whatton, knowing him to have committed the theft, wrongly received and harboured him on Tuesday 28 March; and Robert sold (made a profit from) the stolen goods, i.e. 2 flitches, value 3s, a gilt and 3 piglets, value 2s, in Thomas's hands, 3 geese value 9d in Nicholas Jonson's hands ... 2bs of peas, value 10d, in Thomas's hands, 2½a rye which Thomas and Robert Bunke appropriated
(Item presentant quod Robertus Swynhok de Loughtburgh in Comitatu Leyc' husbondman die lune proxima post festum Purificacionis beate Marie virginis anno regni regis Henrici sexti octauo apud Loughtb' ij porcellos de bonis et catallis Johannis Stepyngley precii viijd et ij aucas de bonis et catallis Willelmi Parkyn et iiij bussellos ordei de bonis et catallis predicti Willelmi precii xjd felonice furatus fuit et statim post feloniam predictam factam fugit Et quod Thomas Whatton sciens ipsum feloniam predictam fecisse ipsum apud Loughtb' die martis proxima post festum Purificacionis beate Marie Anno supradicto felonice receptauit et confortauit Et quod predictus Robertus Waynauit bona suscepta videlicet ij bacones precii iijs existentes in custodia predicti Thome j gilt' et iij porcellos precii ijs existentes in custodia predicti Thome iij aucas precii ixd existentes Nicholai Jonson (sic) ... ... Item ij bussellos pisarum precii xd existentes in custodia dicti Thome Item ij acras et dimidiam siliginis que idem Thomas et Robertus Burke occupant)
Another theft:
They present that Margaret wife of John Wright lately servant of John Godewyn stole a linen sheet (linthiamen) and a bordeloche of Thomas Burton's
Another theft:
They present that Robert Plomere of L, yeoman, stole 2 oxen, value 29s, of John Roudelond's
Affeerors for this court: John Pollard and John Barbour
Appointment of new officers (Officarii de nouo electi):
Chief pledges: John Sadeler, Richard Smyth, Richard Marchall, John Jay, John Burton the elder Bele, John Roudelond
Constable: John Hut