Curia tenta ibidem xvj die Maij Anno infrascripto

[1]John Malynson took from the lord 6a of demesne land late William Plomer's, of which 3a once Thomas Turnour's and 3a once Robert Plomer's, at the lord's will according to the manorial custom there(ad voluntatem domini secundum consuetudinem manerii ibidem) for term of his life (ad terminum vite sue). Annual rent 3s instead of the previous rent of 4s and thus a loss of rent of 12d p.a. (et sic in decasu redditus xijd per Annum); entry fine 1s
[2] John Gedlyng the younger in mercy for not proceeding v. Margaret Clerk in a plea of trespass; his pledge to proceed (plegius de prosequendo) in mercy
[3] John Westby in mercy for not proceeding v. Richard Cholle of Ruddington in a plea of debt; his pledge to proceed in mercy
[4] Juliana Smyth widow of John Smyth came into court and showed two copies of the court roll by which she claimed to hold a curtilage and half of one at town's end which John had taken for their two lives (Juliana Smyth que fuit uxor Johannis Smyth venit in curia et ostendit duas copias per quas clamat tenere unum curtilagium et medietatem curtilagii ad finem ville que predictus Johannes cepit ad terminum vite ipsorum Johannis et Juliane); admission granted her; she found as pledges (Et super hoc inueniet plegios) William Burton and Henry Curriour
[5] Thomas Yoman came into court and admitted that he owes Nicholas Lethirlond 20s (Thomas Yoman venit in curia et cognouit quod debet Nicholao Lethirlond xxs), including 7s for a cow bought from him this year
[6] John Burton the elder in mercy for not proceeding v. John Wyso the elder in a plea of debt; his pledge to proceed in mercy
[7] Roger Parker in mercy for permission to agree with John Godewyn in a plea of debt
[8] Thomas Purs and John Prichet in mercy for not bringing William Spendeloue to answer to Richard Godewyn in a plea of trespass