[1] William Spenser in mercy for not proceeding v. Simon Breton in a plea of detinue
[2] Robert Milner in mercy for permission to agree with Roger Milner in a plea of trespass
[3] Thomas Yoman admitted a debt of 8s to Richard Bocher for quickset bought from him a year ago (pro sepe ab eo empto Anno elapso); damages assessed at 4d
[4] Richard Clerk Bocher admitted a debt of 17s to John Wysowe the elder for 2 bullocks bought from him (pro ij bouiculis ab eo emptis) last 11 November (Martinmas last); damages assessed at 8d
[5] John Gedlyng the elder admitted a debt of 11d to Joan Seuster in arrears for a cow sold to him this year (aretro existentium pro j vacca ei vendita hoc anno)