[1] Thomas Yoman admitted a debt of 8s 6d to William Burton; damages assessed at 4d
[2] Henry Clerk in mercy for permission to agree with William Sparke in a plea of trespass
[3] Relaxation of suit: Thomas Staunton 6d, Thomas Pegge 4d, Robert Wyuyll 9d, John Skeffelyn 10d, Thomas Farnham 10d, Thomas Petymore 1s, Margar[et] Rempston 1s, William Ryddynges 1s, John Foluyll 10d, John Hateley 8d, John Burton 4d, Richard Marchall 3d, Richard Grene 2d, Cecily Hut 7d, Cecily Blenche 3d, John Sadeler 7d, John Castell of Burton 3d, William Taillour of Whatton 10d, John Taillour of Whatton 1s, John Yarondale 6d
[4] Those using (Occupatores) Thomas Blaunckemy's land: 1s