[1] John Walker in le Kirkgate admitted a debt of 1s to John Foster the elder for shearing 3 doz of cloth, a debt which he should have paid (pro le sheryng iij duodenarum panni quos ei soluisse debuit) on 8 September (Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
[2] William Starky is to answer to William Toft and Henry Proudefot in a plea of debt for 12s in which def. is bound by his specialty (in quibus idem Willelmus Starky obligatur per factum suum); def. admitted the whole debt
[3] John Franke Sclater in mercy for not proceeding v. John Franke of Wymeswold in a plea of detinue
[4] Assize of bread (Visus panis) on the oath of 4 sworn men (per sacramentum iiij hominum ad hoc iuratorum):
The bailiff informs that he has a bay foal late Alan Markefeld's of Shepshed (Balliuus presentat quod habet unum pullanum coloris Bay nuper Alani Markefeld de Shepeshed)