[The MS is torn]

Court of Elizabeth, countess of Oxford, held there on 25 ... ... [torn] 22 [Henry VIII] (Curia Elizabethe Comitisse Oxon' tenta ibidem vicesimo quinto die ... ... vicesimo secundo)

[1] Fines for relaxation of suit of court until the following Michaelmas for 1s each: Thomas Pegge; the heirs of Butard'; the churchwardens; heir of Bothe; heir of John Folvell; George Stapleton; heir of William Marshall; heir of Richard Grene; heir of Thomas Blenche; and heir of John Castell'
[2] John Columbell' in mercy against Robert Bosse (Johannes Columbell' in misericordia versus Robertum Bosse)
[3] Bartholomew Branche in mercy against Robert Smyth clerk as he admitted a debt (Bartholomeus Branche ponit se in misericordia quia confessavit debitum versus Robertum Smyth clericum)
[4] Robert Yorke in mercy for permission to agree with Thomas Middulton (Robertus Yorke ponit se in misericordia pro licencia concordandi cum Thoma Middulton