Court held there 17 November the same year (Curia tenta ibidem xvijo die Nouembris anno supradicto)

[1] Richard Bruarn in mercy in a plea of debt v. John Andrew (Ricardus Bruarn ponit se in misericordia versus Johannem Andrew in placito debiti)
[2] Robert Bosse in mercy for default v. Richard Herryman in a plea of debt
[3] Entry fine 3s 4d Thomas Smyth came into court and surrendered two cottages lying together in le Baxtergate late in the holding of William [MS blank] into the lady's hands for the benefit of John Fowler; John came into court and took them from the lady to hold at the lady's will according to the manorial custom for the lives of John, his wife, Joan, and their daughter, Alice, and the longest lived (Finis ad ingressum iijs iiijd Ad hanc Curiam venit Thomas Smyth et sursum reddidit in manus domine duo Cotagia insimull' iacentia in le Baxter gate nuper in tenura Williami [MS blank] ad opus et usum Johannis Fowler Et super hoc idem Johannes venit in eadem Curia et cepit de domina tenendum ad voluntatem domine secundum consuetudinem manerii ibidem eidem Johanni et Johanne uxori sue et Alicie filie eorum ad terminum vite eorum seu alterius eorum diucius viuentis) Pledges Christopher Wolland and John Columbell'