[ELH] Rutland Lay Subsidy 1296


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[m.4] Thomas de Neyuile17s3d
Geoffrey Russel7s9½d
Matilda Saleman3s7½d
Henry filius Christian'4s7¾d
Nicholas ad aulam20½d
Stephen filius Roberti4s11d
Robert Colle4s0¾d
Geoffrey prepositus5s7d
Peter Scot3s1¾d
Roger de Swafeld3s6¾d
Margery Pittot?2s8½d
Henry Hippe [sic -- but cf Kippe below]3s7¾d
Simon de Lye2s6½d
William filius Hugonis5s2d
Sampson faber14½d
Richard Pulter21¾d
Roger Kippe [sic]21¾d
Roger de Ouirton19d
Robert de Lye14½d
John Saleman13d
William Couentr'12d
Robert filius Galfridi2s8¾d
Richard de Gunthorp'18½d
William filius Stephani5s4½d
Gilbert filius Thome3s1¾d
Hugh de Swafeld17s0½d
Hugh le Warde2s11d
Summa Cxij.s.ix.d.ob.

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