[ELH] Rutland Lay Subsidy 1296


Cf G.A. Chinnery et al., eds, The Oakham Survey 1305 (Rutland Record Society, Oakham, 1988 ).

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[m.3] Thomas filius Willelmi ad venellam3s5d
Robert Byestoun5s1d
Matilda uxor Roberti2s10¼d
Walter Byestoun5s7d
William filius Daui3s6d
Beatrice Gerbot4s1½d
Isabel attestonis3s8¼d
Alwin [no byname]4s3½d
William ad Grenam9s0½d
Hugh ad venellam5s9¼d
Henry filius Cous*7s3¼d
Simon prepositus10s9¾d
Alice uxor Gilberti2s2¾d
Richard filius Alicie15¾d
Agnes uxor Roberti3s5¾d
Walter Capellanus2s11¾d
Robert Syred3s7¼d
William ad venellam4s3¼d
Henry filius Roberti4s1¾d
William Slote3s9¾d
Robert filius Capellani 5s3¼d
Alice bynethegate15¾d
Robert filius Cous5s1¾d
Robert de Ocham17½d
Simon le Hirde5s0¾d
Walter prepositus9s1¾d
Alice uxor filii Symonis3s3¼d
Robert filius Roberti3s5d
Alice Hony2s1¾d
William filius Alwini4s
Simon filius Richild'8s
Henry Car'2s7d
Henry filius Symonis2s5d
Hugh filius Ricardi23d
Simon in the Holm2s6½d
Simon filius Reginaldi8s2½d
Gilbert filius Roberti2s8d
Robert filius Symonis3s9¼d
William filius Roberti3s11¾d
Walter filius Roberti4s9¼d
William Gerbod20¾d
Robert mercator3s0¾d
Henry Stel14d
Walter filius Cous2s5½d
Gilbert ad grenam3s9d
William byestoun18d
William de Egilton2s
Thomas filius Cous11s7¾d
Robert Peston [sic]2s7½d
William faber2s9¾d
Henry filius Auicie2s10½d
Gilbert filius Christian'13¼d
Robert ad barram13d
William Balle13d
Henry filius Beatricie [sic]12½d
Roger Sprig2s
Robert Finche2s6d
William Sired15¼d
William filius Richild'15¼d
Thomas filius Symonis4s
William ad pontem13d
William Martin12½d
William filius Agnetis4s3d
Richard filius Roberti12½d
William þe Longe12d
Henry Bate12½d
Hugh Julian'14¼d
Richard Gerbod23s0¾d
William filius Gilberti ad grenam6s1d
Thomas de Bokeland4s3¼d
Summa xij.li.vij.s.iij.d.ob.qua.

* a hypocoristic female name; Edecus in Lincolnshire at this time.

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