[ELH] Rutland Lay Subsidy 1296


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[m.2] Bricia Daneys35s6d
Geoffrey filius Thome3s11½d
Roger Wylymot4s6½d
Hugh ad barram3s11d
Richard ad barram17d
William Hounting4s0½d
Simon filius Ricardi2s1d
Simon Scot4s1d
John clericus4s1½d
Avice ad crucem7s1¼d
John Hounting3s5¼d
Agnes relicta Ricardi4s10¼d
William Moriz2s8½d
William carpentarius3s1d
Richard Neubrid2s2½d
Adam ad fontem7s5¾d
John filius Walteri14¼d
Peter prepositus3s3¾d
John filius Petri2s0½d
William filius Willelmi 12d
Walter Cappe12d
Summa Ciij.s.j.d.

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