WCM 15376d                                                             c.1247



Memorandum that Br. Herbert came to Stubbington on Monday after Epiphany 31 Henry [III].  Receipt of cash From 1 qtr of wheat 5s.6d.  Item from 2 qtrs 12s.3d.  Item from 2 qtrs 12s.2d.  Item from 2 bs. 19½d.  Item from ½ qtr 3s.1d.  Item from 1 qtr 6s.8d.  Item from 3½ qtrs 23s. at 6s.7½d. per qtr. Item from 1 qtr 6s.6d.  Item from ½ qtr. 33d.  Item from 1½ qtr 10s.6d. at 7s. per qtr.  Item from ½ qtr 3s.10d.  Item from ½ qtr of Curall 3s.

                                                Total £4 10s. 10½d.


Item Receipt From vetches sold From 16 qtrs 2 bs. 54s.2d. at 3s.4d. per qtr.

Item from 2 qtrs 5s.11d.  Item from 1 qtr 2s.8d.  Item from 7 qtrs 21s. at 3s. per qtr.  Item from 7 qtrs é23ùs.[1]at 3s.4d.[2] per qtr. Item from 1 qtr 2bs. 5s.10d.  Item from 1 qtr 1bs. 5s.3d.  Item from 1½ qtr 7s.  Item from 6 bs. 4s.3d.  Item from 1 qtr 1bs. 6s.4d.

                                                Total £6 15s. 5d.


Item Receipt from peas sold  From 2 qtrs 5s.4d.  Item from 1 qtr 3s.2d.  Total 8s.6d.

Item From 1 qtr of beans sold 3s.11d.  Total 3s.11d.

Item From barley sold From 1½ qtr 9s.  Item from 1 qtr 5s.8d.  Item from 1 qtr 5s.4d.  Item from 1 qtr 4s.10d.  Item from 2 qtrs 8s.4d.  Item from ½ qtr of mixed grain[3] from tithe of the mill 2s.8d.            Total 35s.10d.


From the hide of an ox which died 20d.  Total 20d.


                                                Total of all receipt £13  16s. 3½d.


Item Expense  delivered to Robert the bailiff 38s. by tally against the same.  Item to the same 12s.3d. by tally. 

Item delivered to br John the cellarer 12s. 5½d. by tally.  Item Delivered to Robert the bailiff 18d. by the hands of Thomas de sice.  sent to Southwick on Saturday before mid Lent In mackerel 12d.  Item there on Wednesday after mid Lent In mackerel 18d.  Item there on the Annunciation of the blessed Mary in 1 conger 5s.  Item in 50 mackerel 4s.  Item there In fish and In mackerel on Saturday after the Close of Easter 21d.  In shoes for the poor by the prior’s order 5s. 

Item In Meat at Southwick at the Ascension of the lord 8d.  Item on Thursday in Pentecost week In Meat 29d.  Item there on Thursday after [the feast of] the Apostles Peter and Paul In mutton 8d.  Item there on the following Saturday in fish 5d.

Item there on the following Sunday In beef 2s.2d.  In nails for Cartstrakes sent to Southwick 3s.3d. 

                                                Total £4 12s. 0½d.


Item In 6 pigs and 6 piglets bought 4s.6d.     Total evident.

Item In a measure bought 15d.  In 1 towel 5d.  Total 20d.

Item In hiring 1 carpenter to Make a certain Wardrobe 12d.  In Nails for Laths 11d.  In plastering the same Wardrobe 9d.  In its roofing 4½d.  In helpers for the same building 3d.  In sawing boards 4d.

                                                Total 3s.7½d.


Item In Expense of 1 mason for repairing the dovecote3s.3d.  In ale for the same mason 12d.  In Lime[4] bought 2½d.  In iron bought In a hinge for the door 12d.  In Ropes for windows 4½d.  éIn bordnailsù[5] éIn stone bought 3s.1d.  In sawing boards 6d.ù[6]

                                                Total 10s.8½d.


Item In the cost of ploughs.  In iron and steel bought 5s.8d.  In the work of the smith 3s.                                         Total 8s.8d.


Item In the cost of Carts.  In Carts bought and repaired and fitted greased and In harness 35s.6d.  In the smith’s work 2s.6d.  Total 38s.


Item 1000 whiting bought 13s.  Total is evident.  In Repairing the walls of the buildings 5d.  In collecting gorse 3d.  In a gift to the famuli at Easter 4½d.  In tallow for candles 5d.  In a seed basket 1½d.  In pots 1½d.  In halters for affers 3/4d.  Item in halters from hide bought 6d.  In 1 axle 3d.  In 2 locks 5d.  In a bucket 2d.  In dishes and bowls 2d.  In collecting wood for fencing 2d. 

Delivered to Thomas Russel for several works 15d.  Item to the same for the same 8d.

                                                Total 4s.10d.


Item In 1 [female] affer bought 15s.  Item in 1 horse 11s.  Total 26s.

Item In 3 oxen bought 24s.1d.  Total is evident.

Item In relish and drink 10s.  Total is evident.

In linen cloth for br Herbert 21d.  Total is evident.[7]

In 5 measures of blanket cloth 4s.10d.                                                             Total 6s.7d.

In wages of the famuli for Easter term 5s.1d.  Item for St John’s term 5s2d.

                                                Total 10s.3d.




Receipt of cash before St Peter in Chains by the hand of Simon 15s. by the Prior’s order.


Item from 2 qtrs of wheat of newly-cut grain sold 12s.  Item From 1 qtr sold 6s.  Item From 2 qtrs sold 10s.6d. Item from 2 qtrs 10s.10d. Item From 2 qtrs 9s.4d.  Item from 6 qtrs 30s.  Item From 8 qtrs sold 44s. at 5s.6d. per qtr.

Item From wheat sold after Michaelmas From 2 qtrs 11s.  Item from 1 qtr sold 6s.8d.  Item from 1½ qtr 6s.9d.  Item From 3 qtrs sold 21s.  Item from ½ qtr 3s.4d.  Item From 1 qtr of wheat sold 7s.  Item from ½ qtr 3s.6d.  Item From 2 qtrs 13s.8d.  Item From 2 qtrs sold 15s.2d.  Item from ½ qtr 3s.9d.

                                                Total £é13ù[8]4s. 6d.


Item given to the threshers 6 bs. 5s. at ...[9]

Item given for spreading marl 1 bs. price 9d.


Item Receipt éof cashù[10] from barley sold, from 3 qtrs 8s.10d.  Item from 1 qtr 3s.4d.  Item From 1½ qtr 5s. of old barley[11]  Item From 2 qtrs of barley 10s.  Item From 1 qtr of barley 4s.8d.  Total 21s.[12]10d.


Item from rye sold.  From 8 qtrs 40s.8d.  Item from 2 qtrs sold 10s.8d.  Item from é2ù[13] qtrs 11s.  Item From 1 qtr 5s.8d.  Item from 2 qtrs 10s.10d.  Item From 5 qtrs 28s.4d.             Total 107s. 2d.


Item Receipt from ½a. of vetches sold green 2s.  Item from ½a. sold 2s.6d.  Item from vetches sold 18d.  Item from ½ qtr of vetches 20d.  Item from 1 qtr 4s.  Item From 2é½ù [14]qtrs of vetches sold in the stalk[15] 10s.  Item from 2 bs. sold 10d.

                                                Total 22s. 6d.


Item from thatching straw[16]9d.

Item Receipt of cash from the land at Brockhurst[17] 4s.4d.   Total 5s.1d.


                                                éTotal of all receipt £20 16s. 5d.ù[18]

                        Total of the totals of cash Received £31 17s. 3½d.


Harvest expense In ½ wey of Cheese 4s.6½d.  In dishes bought 6d.  In 1 cask 6d.  In 2 iron forks 3d.  memorandum that Simon and 6 tithe collectors came to Stubbington on Tuesday before St Peter in Chains.  Expense from that day until the following Sunday In meat 10d. In ale 6d. In fish 5d.


Item from Sunday after St Peter in Chains until St Laurence’s day In meat 10½d. In ale 3s.5d. In fish 7½d.  In 2 pig carcasses for the reapers 5s.6d.  In hiring reapers In that week 5s.4d.  In relish for 15 tithe collectors 15d.  In relish for 5 carters 7½d.  In relish for 4 stackers 6d.  In tallow for Candles 7d.  In grease for carts 7½d.  In gloves for mounted foremen   8d.


Item from St Laurence’s day until Sunday after the Assumption of the blessed Mary In ale 6s.4d. In Meat 9d. In fish 8d.  In hiring reapers 4s.4d.  In relish for 6 carters 9d.  In relish for 4 stackers 6d.  In relish for 15 tithe collectors 15d.  In 1200 herring bought 5s.  In 2 wheels for carts 4d.  In iron and nails 8d.


Item from Sunday after the Assumption of the blessed [Mary] until the morrow of St Bartholomew the Apostle In relish 2s.8½d. In ale 5s.6d.  In hiring reapers 8s.4d.  In relish for 6 carters 9d.  In relish for 4 stackers 6d.  In relish for 11 tithe collectors 11d.  In shoeing for Adam a mounted foreman 1½d.  In 500 herring bought 19d.


Item from Sunday after St Bartholomew until St Giles’s day.  In relish 2s.6d.  In ale 5s.6½d.  In herring 13d.  In hiring reapers 10s.10½d.  In relish for 5 carters 7½d.  In relish for 4 stackers 6d.  In relish for 11 tithe collectors 11d.  In a halter for affers 1d.  In tallow for candles 5d.  In enclosing a breck 1d.


Item from St Giles’s day until the feast of the Nativity of the blessed Mary.  In relish 9d.  In fish 12d.  In herring 4½d.  In ale 4s.3d.  In hiring reapers 29½d.  In relish for 5 carters 7½d.  In relish for 4 threshers 6d.  In the same 2d. by gift of Robert the bailiff.  In relish for 3 tithe collectors 3d.  In iron bought 6d.  In the smith’s work 8d.

                                                Total of all expense 103s. 10½d.


Item In expense of the bailiff and the prior of God’s House 12d.  Item in expense of Robert the bailiff on Monday after the feast of St Faith 3d.


Item In expense of the building[19] In carpenters and roofers from Sunday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross until St Dionisius’s day In relish and drink 3s.1½d.


Item memorandum that on St Bartholomew’s day were sent to Southwick éIn fishù [20]4s.4d. for the death of Sir Geoffrey de Roches.[21]

Item there on the Friday before the feast of St Giles In fish 3s.10d. In canvas for the Prior’s use 7d.

                                                Total 8s. 9d.


Item In wages of the famuli For 4 ploughmen 12s.  In [the wage of] 1 carter 2s. éand 1d. by the bailiff’s giftù[22]  In wages of 4 ploughdrivers 10s.  In the wage of 1 dairy assistant 2s.6d.  To the swineherd 2s.6d.  In [the wage of] 1 cowherd 20d.

                                                éTotal 40s.2d.ù[23]


Item In wages of 2 mounted foremen 10s.  In the wage of 1 baker 20d.  In the wages of 15 tithe collectors 22s.6d., that is to each 18d.

Item In Hiring Carts to carry grain 31s.8d.                Total is evident.


In covering stacks and repairing buildings 23½d.


Item memorandum that from Sunday from the Nativity of the blessed Mary until the Exaltation of  Holy Cross In the Prior’s expense at Portsmouth 11s.5d.  Item In fish sent to Southwick on Tuesday after the Nativity of the blessed Mary 6s.8d.  Item there on the following Friday In herring 6d.  Item In fish 7s.6d.                           Total 26s.


In grease bought for ploughs 11d.  Total 11d.  In treatment for a horse  for exchange 7s.


Delivered to the lady of Portsea for Rent of the land of Hamo de brockhurst 5s.[24]  Total 5s.




                                    The roll of Stubbington in the time of br Herbert


Issue of wheat from the grange of Stubbington 31 Henry [III]

153 qtrs 6 bs.

Expense Therefrom sent to Southwick 131½ qtrs  In sale 14 qtrs 2bs.  Delivered to Thomas de sice 1 qtr by the prior’s gift.  To William de Kingeston 1 qtr by gift of the same.  Item delivered to br Peter mausudre ½ qtr by the subprior’s order.  Given to the threshers 4 qtrs 2 bs. at 7s. per qtr.


Issue of barley.  175 qtrs 1 bs.

Expense  In sowing 10 qtrs.  In sale 12 qtrs.  sent to Southwick 113½ qtrs.  Delivered to Hugh Ragy[25] 5 qtrs for an old debt.  Sent to Prior’s Dean (La dene) 13 qtrs.  baked In harvest of the same 3 qtrs.  Given to the threshers 2 qtrs 4s.6d.  In the Livery of the famuli In livery of 3 famuli from the day of the Conception of the blessed Mary until St Laurence’s day 10 qtrs 2½ bs.  In Livery of 1 dairy assistant In the same term 2 qtrs 1½ bs.  In Livery of 1 swineherd 2 qtrs 1½ bs.  In Livery of 1 cowherd In the same term 1 qtr 2 bs.  In Livery of 1 famulus from St John  the Baptist’s day until the morrow of St Laurence 5½ bs.


Issue of oats.  175 qtrs.

Expense In sowing é32ù[26] qtrs 2 bs.  sent to Southwick 104 qtrs.

Delivered to Hugh Raggy 2 qtrs 1 bs.  In fodder of affers 19 qtrs 1 bs.  In fodder of  oxen from Christmas until the feast of St John the Baptist 15 qtrs.  In meal for broth 2½ qtrs.


Issue of beans.  28½ qtrs.

expense.  In sowing 7 qtrs.  sent to Southwick 6½ qtrs.  In sale 1 qtr.  Delivered to William de hamton’ 14 qtrs.


Issue of peas.  47 qtrs.

expense.  In sowing 2 qtrs.  In sale 3 qtrs.  Delivered to William de hamton’ 42 qtrs.


Issue of vetches.  52 qtrs.

expense.  In sowing 9 qtrs.  In sale 39 qtrs.  To pigs 4 qtrs.






To his most beloved Lord and ‘friend’[27]


memorandum that 5 qtrs of wheat were baked in harvest éof which 6 bs. were from


old wheatù[28] and 24 qtrs of newly-cut barley of which 3 qtrs were from old barley.[29]




[1] Altered from 22s.

[2]  Sic; the arithmetic is incorrect.


[3]  mastil’


[4] MS.: salce presumably for calce (chalk or lime).

[5]  Probably in a different hand and not completed.


[6]  Superscript.


[7]  There are lines connecting items and sums here, but which become confused.


[8] Altered from 12.

[9]  precium MS blank.

[10]  Superscript.


[11] de veteri ordeo.

[12] MS sic: should be 31s.

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[15] cum foragio.

[16] de tectura.

[17] In Portsea Island: see Southwick Carts, I, p. 5 (I, 10), II, pp. 95-8 (III, 279, 281 and 283): Hamund de Brochurste made a benefaction of his land in Brockhurst just before this account.

[18]  Cancelled.


[19] MS: dom[us].

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[21] His widow, Emma, gave an acre to Southwick: Southwick Carts, II, p. 169 (III, 465).

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[24]  This land was conferred on the Priory by Hamo (Hamund) de Brochurste in 1240x1247: Southwick Carts, II, pp. 95-8 (III, 279-281) with the reserved rent of 5s. payable at Michaelmas to the lord of Portsea.

[25] Hugh Ragy later became bailiff and reeve of Portsmouth: Southwick Carts, II, pp. 243-4 (III, 643-5).  In c.1240, he conveyed to the Priory a croft in Kingston for a consideration of 30 marks: ibid., II, pp. 268-9 (III, 696).

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[27]  Karissimo Domino suo et amico


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