WCM 15396                                                                                                  1542-1543


Stubbington with the Rectory of Portsea   Account of John Carpentere and John Whyte esquires lessees from the Annunciation of the BVM 34 Henry VIII to Michaelmas 35 Henry VIII


Arrears None


Lease of the manor with the Rectory And they answer for £7 for half the rent of the manor of Stubbington let to Thomas Carpentor and his assigns by indenture with all lands, tenements, fields, meadows, pastures, and rents with their appurtenances for £14 p.a.  And for 46s. 8d. from half of the rent of the Rectory of Portsea, Portsmouth and Portsbridge .  And for £10 16s. 8d. from John Whyte for half of 35 qtrs of wheat of good and pure grain 60 qtrs of barley of good and clean grain which Thomas Carpenter and his assigns should pay for the farm of the said rectory and 35 qtrs of wheat and 60 qtrs of barley leased to John Whyte esquire for a term of 21 years by indenture under the seal of the Court of Augmentations for £21 13s. 4d. p.a.

                                                            Total £20 3s. 4d.


                                                Total of all receipt £20 3s. 4d.


Cash payment Of which they account in cash paid to the Bursars of St Mary’s College, near Winchester by the said John Carpenter by his hands after the account £9 6s. 8d.


                                                Total of all payment £9 6s. 8d.


                                                And they owe £10 16s. 8d.


Overcharge John Whyte esquire as for the price of several grains delivered into his hands by the said lessee by indenture £10 16s. 8d.


m.1d  Stubbington with the Rectory of Portsea               Account of the same 35 Henry VIII